Do detox diets really work?

Balance dietThere are many diets within the world of nutrition, each one is specific to achieve a different goal: lose weight, increase body mass, improve cardiovascular health, or a diet low in fat or sodium.

On the other hand, there are detox diets that enjoy rave reviews. They are ideal for cleansing the body and tend to have many followers, including celebrities. 

Before starting a diet, it is important to be aware of the objectives we want to achieve, and in this case, we also have to know the possible risks that the diet we want to start may have.

Healthy food

There are many detox diets, some are designed based on beverages, herbs or others fasting, and the ingestion of small portions of vegetables and fruits, as well as certain supplements.

A diet that detoxifies the body, allows you to follow a rigorous plan to lose weight quickly, helps cleanse the body of toxic chemicals, and any excess.

When we talk about detoxifying the body, we try to get our body to eliminate the toxins that have accumulated after the excessive consumption of processed foods and all the environmental pollutants that we have been able to digest.

Detox diets all you need to know

We must know the possible side effects that this type of detox diet could have. It must be remembered that this type of diet encourages eating natural foods, include lots of water and vegetables, things that are good for your health.

Like many other fad diets, detox diets can have harmful side effects that we must be aware of before applying them.

Studies and detox diets

Currently there are not many studies that demonstrate its effectiveness, since there are people who are in favor of this type of diet since they argue that toxins do not always leave the body naturally and they need a boost to help cleanse the body.

These people observe how the toxins that stay in the digestive, gastrointestinal, and lymphatic systemsas well as on the skin and hair and can cause tiredness, headaches and nausea.

On the contrary, there are people who claim that toxins are eliminated naturally and it is not necessary to follow a rigorous diet to achieve it.

The premise of detox diets

The basic idea behind detox diets is to give up certain types of foods that may contain toxins for a season. The idea is to purify and purge the body of everything "bad." However, the truth is that the human body is designed with its own detoxification mechanisms.

balanced diet in quarantine

How detox diets work

As we said, there is not only a single detox diet, they vary among them and most of them require some season of fasting, that is, stop eating for a couple of days and then gradually introduce and gradually certain types of foods in the diet.

Many such diets propose a colonic irrigation or enema to "cleanse" the colon. Other diets recommend taking supplements or special types of tea to help in the body's purification process.

A detox diet can prevent and even cure diseases to give people more energy or focus. Having the body saturated with "toxic" foods will make us tired, slow and with headaches.

It is important to have a diet low in fat and high in fiber, thus maintaining a healthier diet and providing more energy to those who follow it.

However, as we anticipated previously, scientific evidence is lacking that these diets help the body eliminate toxins faster or the elimination of toxins, although it never hurts to follow a diet that allows the body to take a break.

Pay attention to detox diets

Many people believe that if they go on a detox diet they will lose a lot of weight, however, it is not entirely true and certain guidelines must be taken into account so as not to take risks, since if very strict diets are carried out, these may take their toll.

  • Detox diets are not suitable for people with certain diseases. In this sense, it is not recommended for people suffering from diabetes, heart disease and other chronic medical conditions. If you are pregnant or have eating problems, you should avoid these types of diets.
  • Detox diets can become addicting. This is because the lack of food or the administration of an enema creates a different sensation and perhaps many people like it. For some people, a stimulation similar to that felt with nicotine or alcohol tends to be felt.
  • Supplements to detoxify the body can have side effects. Many of the supplements used during these detox diets are actually laxatives, causing people with "jams" to go to the bathroom more. This can have serious health effects, since laxative supplements that are medicines can cause dehydration, mineral imbalances and also problems in the digestive system.
  • Detox diets are designed to achieve certain short-term goals. It can cause other health problems, fasting for long periods of time can slow down a person's metabolism. This makes it easier to regain lost weight and more difficult to lose more weight in the future.

Detox diet

Eat healthy and your body will do the rest

Eating more fruits and vegetables is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. You must not forget to take them, seasonal fruits, vegetables and fibers, as well as drinking more water. But also, you need to make sure you get all the nutrients you need from other foods.

Proteins should not be lacking either, as well as vitamins or minerals that must be obtained from different sources. The most important thing in a healthy diet is variety and not excess, because no matter how healthy a food may be, if taken in excess, it would cause us more damage.

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