How to prepare your feet for the Camino de Santiago

The Santiago Way

Are you thinking of doing the Camino de Santiago? Then you know that you must take some small precautions to be able to enjoy it to the fullest but without damaging your body. That is why today we are going to follow a series of tips to be able to prepare your feet for long walks. Because although sometimes we do not take it very much into account, it is really necessary.

Surely when you are organizing a pleasant experience such as doing the Camino, you always have many doubts. Some of them can be How can I do so that I do not get blisters?. Since we know that they are really annoying and that they can ruin us when wearing any type of footwear. Discover all that and more!

How to prepare your feet before doing the Camino de Santiago

As a general rule, we do not usually embark on the road overnight. But a few months before we meditated on it and that will be when we begin to prepare for it. So, at that moment remember that there is nothing like training a little beforehand. So, it is recommended that at least 3 or 4 weeks before starting the Camino you can go for a walk for an hour or more. Of course, if you are already used to it, you can always alternate this exercise with other resistance disciplines. Thus, it will also be the whole body that prepares itself for what is coming. If you are not one to exercise, perhaps it is convenient to start preparing your feet beforehand. You must get the mountain or 'trekking' boots and make sure that you wear them well fastened in the ankle area. You can wear some alternative footwear such as sneakers that have good cushioning, but you will only use them on road and smooth areas.


Good hydration for the feet

Keep in mind that each stage we can travel about 25 kilometers. So we are already talking about a serious amount of kilometers and as such, preparing the feet is important. For this reason, every night, a good foot bath is recommended and after it, apply a moisturizing cream in the form of a massage. It is one of the first care that we must take to the letter, because it will benefit them a lot. We will notice them more rested and with smoother and healthier skin, which is what we are looking for. Be careful, what you should not do is wash them with very hot water because this can help the blisters come out sooner.

Change socks regularly

We already know that you are walking and that you should enjoy everything that the Camino de Santiago offers you, which is not little. But still, if your feet sweat a lot, it's time to take it into account and change your socks. Every hour you can rest for about 6 minutes and you will take the opportunity to remove your shoes and put on clean and dry socks. The used ones, you can hang them from your backpack so that they dry and avoid keeping them still wet because it does not favor us. Remember that it is better not to wear new socks but to wear one that we have put on in advance to avoid being bothered or marked.

trekking boots

Covering the areas of friction with gauze is another way to prepare the feet

The areas of the fingers, the back of the foot and even the side of it can be more prone to friction. Therefore, there is nothing like preventing them and for this we can cover them with gauze or adhesive tape. It is a way to wear the foot much more protected. Yes even then you see that you have a reddish area, due to the rubbing of the shoes or the walk itself, try applying Vaseline in her. In addition to continuing with the washing and moisturizing routine. Remember that when you have rest, you will elevate your feet and always make sure that nothing oppresses them too much. We need to have footwear that fits, as well as socks that are equally breathable but without putting too much pressure. Good way!

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