Clean the bathtub with shaving foam and see the results

bathtub shaving foam

We love them cleaning tips because with them we manage to enjoy the most disparate results. Some tricks work very well for some and not so much for others. But the important thing is to have variety and try, because without trying we will not know. what result awaits us. So today if you have shaving foam in the bathroom you will see how he takes care of clean the bathtub In a blink of an eye.

Yes, even if you don't believe it, some of the basic products that are in every home, we can use them at various times. Which makes us take advantage of them more than you think. In this case you only need the shaving foam to remove stains. Since, as you know, the bathtub is one of the areas that we must always take care of and maintain with good hygiene. You will see how you manage to leave it completely white and smelling good!

What can be done with shaving foam

We are going to focus on the bathtub, there is no doubt about that, but in the meantime it doesn't hurt to review everything we can clean with shaving foam. Plus give shine to the bathtub, it is also perfect for remove wine stains of the garments, as well as remove fog from mirrors After the shower and prevent tarnishing again, clean the jewelry and also the car seats. You see that the uses of this very economical product are very varied but they really work. So, what you have to do is go for it because we will start with the thorough cleaning.

how to clean the bathroom

How to clean the bathtub so that it is white

Surely you have an endless number of products at home to clean the entire bathroom and its accessories. Well, it seems like you won't need them if you have foam on hand. How to clean the bathtub so that it is white? Well, it's very simple, to do this you must spread a little foam throughout the bathtub. You can leave a thin layer on it and of course, you will have to wait for it to act for a few minutes. If you have a little patience, 10 minutes will be more than enough. After that time, what you should do is rub well with a broom or similar all over the bathtub, even with the foam on it.

When you see that the shine begins to appear, it's time to clarify. Yes, it is true that sometimes some spaces are left without so much shine and it is because perhaps the foam did not arrive as it should. So, we will apply it again to try to solve it. When you have rinsed completely, you will notice that your bathtub looks better than ever and that is where you will really see the effect of the shaving foam.

cleaning tips

How to leave the bathtub like new

If you still want more, then we leave you with another of the final tricks that you should not forget. Because after clarifying if you wipe it with a dry cloth and you rub the surface a little, you will see how the shine is more intense. You can also carry out this cleaning step with shaving foam in the tap and even in the toilet. Because like this, the entire bathroom will be more than sparkling. The secret is in the star ingredient, it is true, but also in the time we have to rub and in getting the final shine. Three fundamental steps to be able to enjoy a bathroom as we deserve, one that is totally clean, shiny and smells good. Since, as you know, the foam also leaves a pleasant smell. Have you tried it yet?

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