Clean the air conditioner to avoid bad odors

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Have you turned on the air conditioner? We have no doubt that with the heat wave that we have suffered this past week, many of you will have started it. And perhaps, after being unemployed for many months, you have noticed a certain unpleasant smell. Don't worry, clean the air conditioner and the problem will be gone.

Cleaning the air conditioner before restarting it in the spring contributes not only to avoid bad smells that can produce dirt in any of its parts. But, in addition, it will improve its energy efficiency. Discover all the tricks to clean it with us.

accumulated dirt in filters, exchangers, fans or drains can cause an unpleasant odor to be generated when the appliance is turned on. Cleaning is the key to ending this and making the expelled air clean and free of bacteria. Turn off the device, follow the next step by step and you will have it as good as new in less than 30 minutes.

Clean the air conditioner

Step by step for cleaning

clean the filters

The function of these is to filter the air and prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from proliferating and damaging the operation of the equipment. A dirty filter reduces the efficiency of the appliance and is the first cause of the expelled air smelling bad.

The filters are located in the internal part of the split, behind the grille. For cleaning you will have to remove them. If it is a maintenance cleaning, it will be enough to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and some traces of dirt. For a more thorough spring cleaning, however, ideally rinse them with warm water and dry them in the shade before putting them back.

clean the drain

Air conditioners expel water due to condensation that collects in the drain pan. When this water remains stagnant - due to a bad slope in the hose - it can cause bad odors and facilitate the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Blowing hard through the tube can be a simple solution, however it is not something that is recommended for all devices. In addition, in centralized installations it is usually difficult to access it. turning it to heat mode for a few minutes could be another solution.

Clean the outside of the unit

Although the most delicate parts are protected inside the unit, it will also be necessary to take care of the exterior of the appliance so that it does not accumulate dust and dirt. And you can do it easily as long as the device is in an accessible place.

A vacuum cleaner and a slightly damp cloth will help keep the unit clean on the outside. The grille, the air intake fins and the casing will be as good as new without the need to use any special product for cleaning.

keep the split clean

When to clean it?

In general, it is recommended to clean the air conditioner before starting it up in spring and after prolonged use in summer.  Twice a year on a regular basis You will avoid many problems. In addition, it does not hurt to clean the device externally some more when we do some general cleaning.

It goes without saying that the cleaner the air that circulates through our home, the fewer problems will arise. tobacco, chimney smoke or the kitchen could make the situation worse and require a more regular and deep cleaning.

We have given you the keys so that you can clean the air conditioners in your home but always remember to read the manufacturer's instruction manual before you start it to avoid problems. Each team has its peculiarities.

Finally, if you have any doubts, we advise you to call a professional or contact the installation maintenance service. Splits are delicate machines that require qualified labor to be able to solve certain problems.

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