Cardboard furniture: sustainable decoration

Cardboard furniture

The search for sustainable alternatives to classic materials has led many designers to opt for cardboard. It has burst into the world of design and decoration timidly so far, however in a society increasingly concerned about the environment its prominence will continue to grow. Today we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of cardboard furniture, highlighting its commitment to sustainability and creativity and we propose up to 8 pieces of ecological cardboard furniture to decorate your home.

Advantages and disadvantages of cardboard furniture

Cardboard furniture offers a series of benefits, among which its sustainability stands out. We tend to believe that furniture made with this material is flimsy and not very durable, however these characteristics are among its A lot of advantages:

  • Ecological: Cardboard is a recyclable and biodegradable material, which helps reduce environmental impact. When it deteriorates, simply put it in the cardboard container.
  • Light Cardboard furniture is easy to move, adapting to the changing needs of your home.
  • Resistant. Contrary to what you may think, cardboard furniture is very resistant. Did you know that the cardboard used to make furniture can be even more resistant than wood chipboard? It also allows the structures to function very well under compression.
  • Easy assembly. Cardboard furniture is easy to assemble. No special tools are needed, in fact you don't need any. They are assembled and disassembled with your hands, fitting the pieces together.
  • Style and creativity: They provide a unique and original touch to the decoration, allowing personalized and attractive options.
  • long-lived. If cardboard furniture is cared for properly it can last about 10 years.


Despite its many advantages, this material also has its buts and it is important to know them. There are few disadvantages of cardboard furniture, all of them must be said, but they are key to your care, so we advise you to read them.

  • Humidity ruins them. Humidity is the worst enemy of this furniture, which is why it is not advisable to place it in the kitchen, bathrooms, or outdoor spaces.
  • They are flammable, so extreme precautions must be taken.

8 cardboard furniture to decorate the house

Tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets, lamps... It is not difficult to find cardboard furniture, although it is not easy for it to be attractive either. The ones we have selected and shared below we believe are a good example of versatility and creativity What cardboard furniture can bring to your home:

  1. Bookniture can be used in endless ways: It can be a book on a shelf (closed), a stool, a footrest, a nightstand, a standing work table... And much more! What else? You can stack them to create a table and chairs set; add a wooden board on top to turn them into a bench; and continue creating some more layers to turn it into a shelf! The possibilities are endless. As long as you don't limit your imagination!
  2. La Navaris folding coffee table It offers you an original honeycomb-shaped design and a strong and resistant surface made of acrylic board, perfect for use in the dining room, bedroom or any other corner of the home. Functional and decorative you can buy it on amazon.

Foldzilla cardboard children's table and tipi

  1. We love this one teepee play tent with ethnic pattern in blue by Foldzilla. Designed for children and made with FSC® certified cardboard from responsible forestry, it has a stable and shock-proof structure built by professionals with extensive experience. Paintable (all non-patterned surfaces) and easy to assemble and disassemble (foldable), can be used many times.
  2. La cardboard table and chairs for children They also belong to the Foldzilla catalog. It is a practical set and takes up little space: it folds and stores in a horizontal position. It is also safe to carry thanks to the finger holes.


  1. MULGEO Box-chair H46 has the optimal height to be used as a chair or nightstand. It is made of 100% Kraftliner, has rounded corners and, after a long life, can be recycled. It supports up to 350 kilos and the lid is easy to open and close. This cardboard furniture is multifunctional, convincing with its design and versatility.

cardboard furniture

  1. This ecological cardboard shelf de St. Joseph Stamps Adds storage space to any room. Available in white or cream kraft coated finish, it adapts to any space. And it is not the only one that the house has in its catalog.
  2. If you have cats you will like this modular cardboard tunnel for cats by PisuPisuShop which they can use to hide, sleep or play. The body of the house is made of kraft cardboard, a premium cardboard reinforced with wood fiber on the outside. It is elegant and strong; In fact, the house is designed to create multi-story houses, long tunnels, road junctions, etc.
  3. Our latest cardboard furniture proposal is a customizable cardboard stool pixartprinting. A completely customizable indoor cardboard seat on which you can print your image, logo or message. The stool is foldable and has a slit so it can be easily transported once assembled.

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