Best home teeth whitening kits

home teeth whitening kits

El teeth care It is one of those tasks that we carry out each and every day. But it is true that sometimes Dental pieces they are getting darker. The passage of time, certain habits or foods They can make that shine that previously predominated is now gone. For those moments there are home teeth whitening kits.

Yes, in the comfort of your home you can always get lighten the color of your teeth. Although not everything works and therefore, you should always inform yourself first to ensure that your teeth are white, yes, but also cared for. The safest way is still to go to our usual dentist and have them advise us, but in the meantime, don't miss what follows.

Home Teeth Whitening Kits: CurrentBody



One of the most successful home teeth whitening kits is CurrentBody. In addition to whitening teeth too will take care of your gums, so it doesn't hurt to know. Remember that each person's teeth are totally different, so the same result is not always achieved, let alone in a few sessions. In this case they use three LED wavelengths (red light, infrared and blue light). Infrared is what is responsible for healing wounds, improving oxygen levels.

While the blue light is responsible for eliminate bacteria from the mouth. All these combine with whitening gel, which is applied with a syringe on the silicone base. After 6 days you will notice the change in your mouth. When the home remedies to whiten teeth do not work, it is necessary to resort to this type of kits.

OnlySmile Kit


We find another of the perfect options for lighten your teeth several shades, up to 9. Although as we mentioned previously, this does not always happen, since it depends on the type of tooth. This kit is even for the most sensitive, so you will always be in good hands. It's a fairly simple treatment to carry out and quickly, with which you will be able to enjoy a whiter smile that will last longer. In addition to whitening, it will be taking care of your teeth, so you can also rest assured about that. OnlySmile eliminates all types of discoloration of your teeth from that caused by wine to coffee or tea. A teeth whitening at home most professional!

Hismile Whitening Strips


One of the revolutionary products are strips like these. They are responsible for removing stains but without any pain. Furthermore, in this case they are perfect for even the most sensitive teeth. They also do not damage the enamel so they are the safest and that is something that we must take into account. Just using them once a day, for half an hour, will be more than enough. Being completely discreet, you can use them at different times of the day, they do not have peroxide. These adhere perfectly and do not leave any type of residue. Hismile It also becomes another of the most used brands for our oral cleaning.

iWhite strips


I'm sure it will sound familiar to you too. iWhite and it has several products designed to take care of oral health. Among them, there is nothing like enjoying a series of whitening strips like these. A total of 28 strips with which you will get more than 7 shades whiter. It is very simple because you apply them, dissolve them and you will be able to smile to your heart's content, showing off a brighter smile. Being invisible you can also enjoy its effects wherever you want. ¡Teeth whitening It has never been easier than now thanks to these home teeth whitening kits!

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