Granola Benefits: Make Yours Homemade!

How to make homemade granola

Do you know the benefits of granola? So whether you're already aware of it or not, it's well worth discovering what it can do for you. Thanks to it you can enjoy delicious and healthy breakfasts, although if you prefer, the snack will also be happy to give you a healthy moment.

Whatever the moment, enjoying granola is always a good thing. In broad strokes we will say that it is ingredient with a sweet touch that we always need to savor. What makes it present when we want to eat healthy but respecting those sweetest moments. Find out everything about her!

What is granola?

It is a food that can be prepared in different ways and in a healthy way at home. Since its basic composition will be made up of several nuts or even dehydrated fruits. Sometimes we see it in a ball shape, but it can also be prepared as bars. Because as we say, if it is homemade it will always conform to what we really need. To be able to accompany it with yogurts or with homemade smoothies.

The great benefits of granola

Granola benefits

  • Important source of energy: By having nuts we are clear that it is a more than perfect source of energy. With it you will start the day strong and say goodbye to fatigue.
  • It is very satiating And this makes you stop snacking between meals, as we usually do on a regular basis.
  • It has a lot of fiber, which is always good news for our body. It will prevent constipation and all kinds of digestive disorders.
  • By having oatmeal and that dose of energy, it is also said that granola can improve our stress levels.
  • Has important and vital nutrients which makes it take care of our brain, preventing its deterioration and preventing diseases that may be common in it.
  • Improves liver function thanks to the fact that it is rich in amino acids.
  • Similarly, it will also be beneficial for strong bones.

So as we can see, it seems that the benefits of granola are quite extensive and that is, it has properties for the whole body but also for the skin or hair, since it bets on the minerals that will always be our best allies.

Granola made in the oven

How can i drink granola

That crunchy finish means that we can consume it in many ways. Therefore, if you prefer, you can take a tablespoon of it as is. But if not, with yogurt it is more than good, you can add fruit if the yogurt is natural. With bananas or strawberries it will be very special. On toast or even in salads you can also enjoy it. How would you take it?

How to make homemade granola

You are going to mix about 200 grams of oatmeal with a couple of well beaten eggs and 50 grams of nuts. These will be chopped and can be as many as you like. Also, add a teaspoon of olive or coconut oil, if you prefer. You have to mix everything well to get a texture that will be quite sticky. When you have it, it's time to put parchment paper on the tray and spread a layer of granola. With only 15 minutes at 180º it will be ready. But it is true that you can also make it in the pan if it seems faster or easier. Either way it will look great. Remember that if you want it very crispy, you should put the grill function in the oven but only in the last minutes of baking. When it is cold, you can store it in a glass jar and you will surely finish it soon. You've tried?

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