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Barbell exercises

Do you do barbell squats? If you have not yet opted for an idea like this, you still have time because you will undoubtedly achieve great results. We know that squats are always part of any training worth its salt, besides being so varied, we will never tire of them.

Therefore, today we are left with those that use a bar and as such, they also offer us endless advantages that you should know. First you will discover which are the areas that are most worked with this exercise and how you should do them correctly. We started!

What does barbell squats work

First of all when it comes to having to squat, which we will be working from minute one are the quadriceps. Although it is true that the lower body is one of the protagonists in general. Despite this, it is true that many people believe that it is only an exercise for legs and not. We already see that in addition to this area the lumbar and back are also involved a lot. In this way, we must always have a good execution to be able to enjoy a correct exercise. That is why we can add that as secondary it also involves the posterior muscles of the thighs or the abductors and abdominals.

Barbell squat

The basic mistakes we must correct

One of the mistakes that we must always avoid when performing squats is to bring the trunk forward. Sometimes, due to the bar, we make the shoulders move more forward, which would imply that the back is not in its best position. So we must go down with a straight back without having to arch it. Of course, when going down that the knees do not exceed the tips of the feet. Nor should you bring your knees together when going down and even less when going up. Since it is another of the most frequent mistakes and that we must avoid at all costs to make correct use of our training and that our body is always careful.

Something that is also essential is the issue of the descent itself. Some people don't go low enough and others go too low. So, you always have to keep maintaining a balanced technique. Muscle activation can be affected in this procedure, so if you are a beginner it is always better not to carry a lot of weight. When lowering the thighs they have to be parallel to the ground. In this way you know that the glutes are already starting to do their job, without forgetting the quadriceps and others.

What is the best technique for squatting with the barbell

After seeing the errors, we are clear that we need to bet on the correct movements and leave behind all kinds of doubts. For this reason, to carry out a good technique, it brings together different steps, simple in any case, but really useful to the fullest:

  • We stand up holding the bar firmly with both hands. The weight of it must also be balanced so that we can move correctly.
  • Both the knees and the feet do not open too much but in a comfortable position and natural, avoiding tensions in both areas.
  • You will go down that keeping your back straight, without hunching forward with your shoulders.
  • Remember that the knees should not touch or even come close. So we must make a clean up and down movement. To avoid forcing the movements and not only of the knees, but also of the ankles that should not be bent at any time.

Now you know a little more, one of the main exercises that you can put into practice in a simple way. Always adapting it to your own needs.

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