Alternatives to make a vegetarian barbecue

Grill full of vegetables.

The good weather begins we look for any weekend to have a barbecue and enjoy some good meat. Instead, for who follows a strictly vegetarian diet, it may seem that they are not going to enjoy as much as those who do eat meat.

This is not entirely true, because a barbecue can accommodate the demands of vegetarians, and be just as enjoyable. If you want to know the best alternatives, We'll tell you then.

Being a vegetarian is having a different lifestyle, and so do they they can enjoy barbecues in a way adapted to their food choices. 

The options that can be moved between are the classic vegetable skewers, vegan burgers with mushrooms, legume burgers or grilled vegetables with vegetable sauces. A vegetarian barbecue will always be healthier as long as you have in mind what you accompany it withas seasonings can be just as "bad" as those used with meat.

If you want to know more options to make a vegetable barbecueWe will tell you below so that you have more options in mind, that perhaps you had never fallen into them.

Delicious barbecue of vegetables.

Best alternatives for a vegetarian barbecue

There is a wide range of possibilities to organize a vegetarian barbecue. In addition, you will find perfect options that will allow you to enjoy gastronomy with other aspects.

Vegetable skewers

The skewers can also be made only with vegetables, these are also impregnated with the smell and flavor left by the embers. In addition, it always brings a lot of color to the grill. The use of these vegetables is common: onions, green and red peppers, tomatoes, aubergines or zucchini. 

Mushrooms can also be perfect for grilling. You must cut them into pieces to insert them into elongated wooden or metal sticks so that you can assemble the skewers to your liking. When they are cooking, you can add some aromatic herbs and oil to make it taste better.

If you want to add a quantity of protein to these skewers you can add cubes of hard tofu. This product, which is a derivative of soybeans, has served to increase the dose of protein for many people who decide to be vegetarian or vegan.

Seitan fillets

Like tofu, you can make seitan fillets, a food that is the result of wheat gluten obtained by kneading the flour and subsequently washing it to extract the starch. In addition, it provides three times more protein than meat, a minimum of 75%.

To make the seitan fillets you can follow this little recipe.

  • 1 part chickpea flour.
  • 2-3 parts of wheat flour.
  • 1 part breadcrumbs or cornstarch.
  • Mix with water, vegetable broth, and soy sauce.

These fillets can be seasoned with spices, shaped and grilled. So your seitan will be very juicy, elastic and with a very appetizing toasted tone. 

Stuffed vegetables

You can be encouraged to prepare stuffed vegetables for your vegetarian barbecue. You can use zucchini or tomatoes, for example. You can fill them with spinach or chard cream, and you can add tofu to increase its protein intake.

Eggplants and mushrooms They can also be filled and are perfect on the barbecue. If you are lacto-vegetarian you can use cheese to make it juicier.

Veggie burgers

Burgers are usually the queens of barbecues and in this case, they can be too. Vegetarian burgers are made from cereals and legumes. They are combined with a vegetable, be it spinach or carrot for example. This gives them an exquisite texture and flavor. 

Chickpeas or lentils can be used as legumes, in addition, they can be prepared as if they were a grilled falafel. Legumes can be served with chives, garlic, parsley, pepper and salt. 

If you are not a fan of legumes, you can also make hamburgers based on rice, peas or with oats. Use all the cereals you like, do your research and have fun in the kitchen.

Veggie lentil burger.

Grilled corn

Although it is not taken into account, cooked corn on the cob is perfect to grill on a barbecue. Corn has great culinary nutritional qualities, and one of the best ways to take it is on a barbecue. 

Corn always accompanies a good vegetarian barbecue. You can brush the whole cob with oil before wrapping it on aluminum foil. Place it on the grill, turn it for 15 minutes so that it is done well all over.

Warm salad

You can make a side salad that is the center of all the attention, with tomato, lettuce, endives, cucumber, and all the vegetables you want. 

The romaine lettuce is ideal to make a good salad, the heart is crisp and fresh. Also, if you accompany the salad with a good dressing, you will have the perfect salad. Put a good oil, a balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and some spices.

EIt is important that you measure the cooking time of this warm salad, since they cannot be long on the grill, for example, the cucumber can be a minute, but the endive two minutes, if you spend time, the heat will soften the vegetables a lot.

Yogurt dressing

Finally, you can bet on a homemade yogurt sauce that allows you to give your vegetables a special touch and they are not so bland. Yogurt allows many options, it can be mixed with garlic and cucumber to make the classic tzaiziki, you can also accompany the yogurt with soy sauce to give it a different touch.

You can also mix a yogurt, with chopped tomato, onion and coriander, so you will get a rich Indian-style tomato slice. They are perfect options so that you can accompany the vegetables and hamburgers that you have prepared previously.

Don't underestimate the veggies on a barbecue

As you have seen, there are many alternatives that you can make in a vegetarian barbecue, because we all think about meat and nothing more than meat. But the vegetables, hamburgers, skewers or salads can be just as good as a piece of meat. 

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