What to do if your teenager has narcissistic behavior

narcissistic teenager

Narcissistic behavior is quite common among teenagers. Traits such as a high ego or superiority combined with arrogance or pride are clear indicators of narcissistic behavior. The problem with this is that such behaviors become habitual and frequent over time.

In the following article we are going to talk to you about five narcissistic behaviors among young people and how to address them.

5 narcissistic behaviors of adolescents

Before talking about these behaviors, it must be indicated that they will not imply a disorder and Yes, a trend that occurs upon reaching adulthood. In the vast majority of cases, these narcissistic behaviors are the product of a lack of maturity and low self-esteem of the young people in question. Below we show you the five most common narcissistic behaviors of young people:

feeling of superiority

A clear trait of young narcissists is that they feel superior to others. This trait of superiority can cause them to have a feeling of contempt towards other people, showing completely closed and having the absolute truth.

Constant seeking of attention

A young narcissist greatly exaggerates his achievements and talks a lot about himself. The end of it is none other than attracting the attention of others. This causes them to not know how to listen and to habitually monopolize conversations.

Problem empathizing

The little empathy It is another of the distinctive features of narcissistic adolescents. They have serious difficulties when it comes to understanding the feelings and emotions of other people. This is something that has a negative impact on social relationships.


Little responsibility

A narcissistic teenager does not usually take responsibility for his actions. He ignores it completely and He habitually blames others for his mistakes. He is not mature enough to accept his guilt and recognize his mistakes.


The last most common and frequent behavior of narcissistic adolescents is manipulation. They use manipulation to obtain what they want or desire, regardless of the harm that others may suffer. What matters above all is one's own benefit. They usually use techniques such as guilt or victimization to achieve what they want.

What to do if you have a teenager with narcissistic behaviors

It is complicated and difficult for someone who is a narcissist to recognize it as such. That is why you have to be very careful and Don't be too direct when talking about the topic. Don't hesitate to sit down with your child and calmly talk about this topic. It is important that you help him reflect on his behavior and try to help him begin to empathize with others.

It is good to investigate the causes or reasons for this type of behavior. This is key when it comes to addressing the problem in the best possible way and find a good solution.

It is important to reinforce their confidence like your self-esteem. You should also know that you have to be humble in this life and not fall into arrogance. If your child has narcissistic behaviors, it is important that he knows how to empathize with others and take into consideration their feelings and emotions. Although it is a really complicated and difficult path to achieve, it is good to take these steps so that you leave such behaviors aside. If you do not obtain results, it is advisable to go to a good professional who knows how to treat such a problem appropriately.

In short, it is common for young people when they come of age to show certain narcissistic behaviors. This is a temporary thing that is usually due to an obvious lack of maturity. The problem is getting worse when such behaviors become habitual in the daily lives of adolescents. It is the parents' job to eradicate this type of narcissistic behavior.

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