What does the wabi sabi method consist of to decorate your house?


For decorate your home, less is more is imposed again and no, we are not talking about the well-known minimalist style. In this case we are left with the wabi sabi method, where the imperfect combined with the most natural gives rise to a very successful style. It is inspired by a Japanese philosophy that dates back to the 12th century and, as we see, still persists to this day.

Within this philosophy we talk about beauty, the simplest things, highlighting authenticity. That is why it is important to know all the keys and see if it fits within our home, in order to enjoy all its great advantages, which are not few. Among them, it is responsible for relaxing the environments, where the passage of time and perfect finishes do not matter.

Textures with roughness: this is one of the important points of wabi sabi

If you like completely smooth finishes on both walls and furniture, then the wabi sabi method is not for you. Because we mentioned before that the imperfect was perfect in this decorative style. Both the folds and the roughness They are the main protagonists and therefore, the walls have these finishes. The unpolished textures are close to natural and that is why it is so successful in this decorative style.

wabi sabi kitchen

The walls have no decorations

Bare walls predominate, although it is true that you can always adapt them to your needs and tastes. The wabi sabi has white color for the walls, since it is one of the most natural and without major accessories as we mentioned. Also, if these walls have some folds or cracks or their paint is not regular, much better.

A sober and humble decoration

There are really no colors because natural tones such as white or gray will be the main protagonists. So we can say that it is a rather sober and humble decoration. It is not necessary to have too many details, just the right ones. Beauty lies in the most basic accessories, making each room more special than the last and unique in equal measure.

Untreated natural materials

The more natural the materials used in such a decoration are, the better. Always better as freshly taken from nature to address the simplicity we mentioned before. Both natural fibers where cotton, linen or wool predominate, as well as wood or stones and ceramic details. But always trying not to overload any of the rooms with them, it is best to opt for a few but always make them the protagonists.

decoration with rough walls

Plants as the main decorative detail

If you were looking for some decorative details, we have already told you that they are not usually located on walls. So, we have to talk about the tables or other furniture that we plan to place. Well, about them a couple of Facilities It will always be a great alternative. Since on the one hand it brings us closer to nature and on the other it gives us the harmony and simplicity that we were waiting for.

Colors in contact with nature

It will also be the colors that bring us closer to that feeling of peace that we like so much. They offer us tranquility and the most current trend, since in this case it seems that neutrals will be the protagonists. Among them we highlight the grayscale and the sand or terracotta color, as well as the white that is always basic will be one of the main ones.

Very warm lighting

Another point that we cannot forget is that of the lighting. In this case, do not expect the rooms to have very white or bright lighting, but rather it is best to have a warmer one. If you have a fireplace then this will already give it the warm finish we need.

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