What are the differences between a busy child and a hyperactive child?


Today there are many parents who continue to confuse the fact of having a child moved with the fact that I have hyperactivity. It must be remembered that the aforementioned hyperactivity is one of the main symptoms of ADHD and to certify it, a diagnosis must be made by a professional.

In the following article we are going to talk about the differences that exist between hyperactive children and active children.

Characteristics of the moved children

Active children are those who cannot sit still and They show some curiosity about the environment around them. At first glance, they can be confusing when it comes to hyperactivity, especially in people who are not mental health professionals. Then we will talk about the main characteristics that active children usually show:

  • They are quite curious children and who show great interest in everything that happens around them.
  • They are aware at all times that they have a series of limits that they cannot and should not violate.
  • If the subject interests you, They can be focused on it.
  • They tend to be quite naughty children although they are not aggressive or hostile to others.
  • They are children who they relate perfectly both with other children and with adults.
  • They show some distraction when the topic at hand they're not interested in it.

What are hyperactive or ADHD children like?

Hyperactivity cannot be diagnosed simply by looking at your behavior. For it, It requires the assessment of a professional on the subject. Despite this, an important part of parents often make the big mistake of labeling their children with hyperactivity, without verifying the diagnosis with a good specialist. If this happens, children can have serious behavior problems with all the bad things that this entails. Over the years these children may have self-esteem and self-confidence problems.

children with hyperactivity

Hyperactivity and ADHD

Sometimes the aforementioned hyperactivity is part of ADHD and on other occasions it appears as a totally isolated symptom. Either way, A child with hyperactivity will have the following characteristics:

  • They are unable to sit still. They get up very often.
  • They run all the time because they have some motor restlessness.
  • they talk constantly and excessively. This is something that often annoys other people.
  • They have some difficulties concentrating and keep attention.
  • They are children who have difficulties when interacting with other children.
  • They show inappropriate behaviors that may be inappropriate for others. They get continually frustrated and may display angry and aggressive behaviors.
  • They may display anxious behaviors in certain situations in which they must wait and be calm.
  • They are easily distracted even in the face of small and unimportant things. This can lead to problems at the school level.

The importance of diagnosis

It is important that parents know that the diagnosis of hyperactivity must be made by a specialist in the field. This diagnosis is made after performing a complete assessment of the child and the entire environment that surrounds it.

Under no circumstances can it be allowed to label a child with hyperactivity, for the simple fact of observing their daily behavior. Mislabeling a child with said pathology can cause serious and serious problems in their development and negatively affect your self-esteem.

In short, it is not the same that a child is moved that is diagnosed with hyperactivity. In the case of observing some symptoms typical of said pathology, it is essential to see a good specialist so that you study it properly and assess if you really have hyperactivity or ADHD. Remember that a wrong diagnosis has a negative impact on the development of the child in question.

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