This is how your brain is activated without the need for caffeine

Drink coffee in the morning to wake up.

Many people believe the false claim that coffee in the morning is what makes them wake up, on the other hand, it is nothing more than the feeling it produces. There are other alternatives to caffeine, healthy alternatives that will wake you up just like a freshly brewed coffee.

Sometimes we wake up in the morning and have a hard time activating the brain. This is due to the inertia of sleep, which in those moments makes us full of melatonin and tranquility and makes us feel tired. If you want to know what the alternatives are, keep reading, we will tell you below.

When we wake up, we feel groggy and disoriented, we have trouble concentrating, or we may feel weak. This sensory and motor daze can last for about 30 minutes, until we finish waking up. Although sometimes, this awakening can last up to two hours.

To overcome sleep inertia and activate the brain, many people immediately turn to caffeine. However, this is not the only solution, here are some options that will help you wake up without having to drink coffee.

So you can activate your brain naturally in the morning

As we say, there are alternatives to coffee, which allow our awakening to be good and calm, which makes our day start off on the best foot.


There is an association between the amount of light we receive when we wake up, due to circandian rhythms. Ideally, once we wake up, we must seek the sun as much as possible to activate the brain.

The sun during the mornings not only helps to sharpen the mind, but also increases mood and energy. Light is the main source of cortisol.

It may happen that if you wake up very early and the sun has not yet risen, you can use a blue light lamp. The evidence found suggests that blue light improves physiological functions and it can be used to treat sleep disorders.

Always keep in mind that natural light in the morning activates the brain, influences the amount of cortisol and circadian rhythms.

Drinking water

Fluids when we get up are very important, we have spent an average of 7 hours without drinking anything during the night and what we need is to hydrate.

This will hydrate the brain and be more awake. Also, you can enjoy the benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach. Do not forget then hydrate for the rest of the day, so that the brain is always active.

Listen to music

If you want to cheer up a bit once you wake up, you can listen to music because it will help stimulate your brain, improve your mood and increase your optimism, and decrease stress and anxiety.

The difficult thing about waking up without coffee.

Take a shower in the morning

Cleanliness and hygiene is very important, If you decide to shower in the morning, try to shower with water that is colder than hot. This will help activate blood circulation throughout the body, including the brain.

If you do not dare to shower your entire body with cold water, or if it is very cold because it is winter, you can splash cold water on your face.

Sport in the mornings

It will depend on the time you have, but a short walk, One back stretches, some exercises of pilates o yoga they can make a difference. They are exercises that, if done as soon as we get up, will increase the temperature and activate circulation, putting us in alert mode to get out of mental lethargy.

Infusions and drinks

Not only can you drink coffee in the morning, you can exchange the smell of fresh coffee, for that of a green tea with mint, a chamomile or a ginger infusion. It will give you a different feeling, and it will bring you other benefits.

You can also dare with chocolate, cocoa has caffeine and can also be very helpful.

Do not skip breakfast

It is very important to have breakfast, it is the first meal of the day and you should never skip it, the consequences of not eating breakfast cause our body to have the following symptoms:

  • Your levels of glucose will increase.
  • You will have more tendency to fatten.
  • You will suffer some emotional disturbances.
  • May have a digestive problem.

When we do not have anything in the morning we promote a low level of energy, and the brain works at half machine. You can never skip breakfast.

Start the day with energy.

Eat foods that give you energy

You must include all three in your breakfast macronutrients, that is, the healthy fats, proteins and to a lesser extent carbohydrates. The best thing to do is not take carbohydrates and leave them for another time of the day.

The ideal is to take dairy such as milk or cheese, proteins such as eggs and the fats of an avocado, for example. This will give you energy and fill you up for hours. Much more than if you have two toasts with tomato.

Stimulate your mind

Another way to wake up your brain in the morning is to send it stimuli so that it begins to work little by little. You can do these activities:

  • You can hear music.
  • Read one articulo of a topic that interests you.
  • Make a game or a hobby like a crossword or sudoku.
  • Listen to some podcast that brings you knowledge.

Stimulate your brain with smells

La aromatherapy it also allows you to activate the brain. Some aromas can be very pleasant, and also stimulate the brain. PYou can try lemon, eucalyptus, mint, sandalwood, or lavender.

You go testing smells and stick with the one you like the most.

Have a light lunch to give you energy

If you eat some carbohydrates for breakfast in the morning, it is likely that within 2 hours you will be hungry, carbohydrates with a high index glycemic, they cause the insulin to be released and produce a state of hunger and that will make you want to eat.

Therefore, it is better than for for lunch, eat whole-grain carbohydrates, or eat vegetables or fruits. You can have some protein to feel more satiated.

These tips will help you improve your awakenings, make them lighter and they will give you more energy What if you just have a coffee in the morning.

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