This is how wooden utensils in your kitchen should be disinfected

Wooden spoons.

Many homes find wooden utensils in the kitchen, it is an ideal material for cooking and working with food, in addition, it allows you to give a different and elegant touch to the kitchen. 

If you have wooden utensils and you are not sure how to disinfect them, then we will tell you how you can deep clean them. 

Furthermore, wooden utensils are perfect for cooking with our pans and pots, without worrying about them scratching and wearing out.

This material requires a special and detailed cleaning, so that they last longer. These utensils are essential in the kitchenThey are elements that have been used forever and have been preserved generation after generation.

They turn out to be resistant and provide a traditional style, they can cause problems if they are not cleaned with strict care. They are resistant and also give a traditional style to the kitchenhowever, they can cause problems if not cleaned carefully.

Wooden utensils for the kitchen.

In the stores we find spoons, grinders, cutting boards and even wooden spatulas, which allows them to work in all types of cooking and their uses are diverse. Likewise, they have the benefits of being friendly with the environment, they do not scratch the pots and also, they do not deteriorate in the heat.

Wood is a material that contains pores in which traces of food and moisture can adhere. Because of this, it is important to carry out a detailed cleaning to avoid the accumulation of bacteria. on any of the surfaces.

These are the best products to clean wooden utensils

If we compare the different materials used in the kitchen, wooden utensils need a more precise cleaning due to their composition. That is why, if a deep cleaning is not carried out, the wood can lose quality and look worn.

There are effective ways to sanitize these wooden utensils and extend their useful life. Then, We tell you what products we can use to carry out the best cleaning of wooden utensils.

Hot water and soap

Hot water with soap is one of the ideal measures for cleaning our wooden utensils on a day-to-day basis. In this process, it is essential to use very hot water so that they can clean themselves well of bacteria, since the remains of food that may have remained are softened.

Wood material must be thoroughly wetted to begin to weaken localized substances. Then you have to apply the soap and rub with a sponge that allows you to go over the surface until all kinds of dirt are removed. Finally, you should rinse the utensil and use a clean towel or cloth that dries the wood well.


Lemon is a very useful product when disinfecting wooden utensils, it helps to eliminate grease and strong odors.

You have to be careful with lemon juice, as it is very corrosive and if it falls in a large quantity on the countertop it could corrode it, always depending on the type of material it is made of, for example, a stone countertop can be damaged.

To disinfect the utensil well, it must be spread over the entire surface of the wood so that it is well disinfected. Afterwards, it should be rinsed with water and dried well with a clean cloth.

The citric acid in lemon is the main chemical responsible for its cleaning abilities. 

Kitchen with wood.

Bicarbonate of soda

Over time, wooden utensils can become stained, usually obtained during the preparation of sauces with various seasonings that stain the wood. With a specific cleaning with bicarbonate, the appearance of the wood can be removed and preserved.

Baking soda is one of the substances that can be successful in those cases. Ideally, add lemon juice with the baking soda to create a paste to use later on the wood. In the end, the corresponding thing is to rinse with water and let the utensil dry completely.


Vinegar is another product that helps eliminate unpleasant odors, and manages to renew the appearance of wood.

What we must do is mix water and vinegar in equal parts. Then there is immerse the utensil in that mixture, and let it act for 20 minutes. Vinegar is another of the star ingredients in all cleaning of a home, it helps us a lot to clean from these wooden utensils, to the humidity of the bathroom or the drum of the washing machine. 


Oil is a product that can be used to counteract the wear of wooden utensils, it nourishes them by giving them color and shine.

Mineral, olive or coconut oil can be used. What you should do is pour some of the oily liquid on a clean cloth and apply it all over the wooden utensil. These help to preserve color and shine. 

You must add the oil and leave on for 10 or 15 minutes, then rinse with hot water to remove any traces of grease. Then dry properly.

This should not be done with wooden utensils

Wood and the dishwasher are not a good combination, it should not be designed to sanitize wooden utensils. If we put the wooden spoons in the dishwasher we have to be clear that the heat and water can produce humidity and proliferation of bacteria in these utensils be it spoons or wooden boards. 

In addition, they should not be soaked for long periods of time because they could break and break from the heat.

Soaps intended for cleaning must be neutral, because chemical detergents can deteriorate wood, in addition, the utensil must be discarded when it has cracks.

You must not use the dishwasher, because in the long run or in a short period of time, they can deteriorate and promote the accumulation of bacteria. 

Finally, we recommend that you always buy high-quality wood materials so that it does not pose any problem.

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