The mop is not only used to clean the floor

the mop is not only useful for the floor

The mop is not only used to clean the floor, but we can also leave our house spotless thanks to it. He is one of the most used utensils and therefore, it doesn't hurt to have several and of different sizes. More than anything because today we tell you what are all the uses What you can give them every day. As we well know, the house gets dirtier than we think.

That is why, thinking about all surfaces, it is not necessary to have a utensil for each of them, although there are very specific ones. But with the mop you can always shorten and clean all the dirt in one go possible. In the blink of an eye you can eliminate all types of bacteria and germs, recovering the shine of each surface.

Remove dust from tiles with the mop

How do you clean the dust that accumulates on the tiles? If they have a lot of grease or other dirt, then you can always mix a little water with vinegar cleaning and apply to the tiles with a sponge. To give it a final shine, when they are dry and you have removed the product, you can mop them. Although if you see that they only have a little dust but no embedded dirt, then you can always run a clean mop over them and you will quickly have them shiny again.

tile cleaning

Shine the tiles

We have already mentioned it but again we want to remember it so that you do it more calmly and that the purpose is more precise than ever. In this case, you will use the mop to reach the highest places in the kitchen or bathroom. To start, you should wrap the mop with a microfiber cloth, if possible. If said cloth you spray it with a little alcohol to then pass it over the tiles, then you will discover the most impressive shine. We are not saying it, but it has become one of the most special tricks on social networks as it is TikTok.

The mop to remove cobwebs from the wall

There are many who have spider phobiaTherefore, removing cobwebs from the wall is important. so that insects do not accumulate in the home. Sometimes it is more complicated to reach all those corners where arachnids can land. Instead of relying on brooms, mops also play a major role in this type of work. That is why they will reach everywhere and leave all surfaces like new. So, when you start cleaning, never forget about those corners that can be very treacherous in this area.

how to clean walls

wall cleaning

Many cleaning tips that we can put into practice. In this case we are left with the walls, which also accumulate a lot of dirt. It is also true that sometimes we do not pay as much attention to the cleaning the walls, but surfaces such as furniture or even the floor will be more work. It is always best to do such an intense cleaning in early spring and again in the fall. Take into account the type of paint you have on the walls, if it is washable then get to work.

It is best to remove the dust first to ensure that no type of residue remains. The baseboard area is more complicated because more dirt accumulates than on the rest of the wall. If you prefer, a brush or sponge is the best remedy for dirt in this area. Dampen the mop or cloth a little whatever you put on it and run it over the rest of the wall. Better that it be a white cloth so that it does not release any type of lint.

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