The best habits to reduce screen use in children

children's screens

Unfortunately, it is a reality that children and young people They spend more and more time in front of screens. In the digital age, it is inevitable that this happens and many parents do not know how to act. It is advisable to find a certain balance in the use of screens to prevent it from becoming a problem for children.

In the following article we propose a series of habits that can help reduce screen time in both children and young people.

No cell phones on the table

A first habit may be to prohibit cell phones at the table while the family eats or has dinner. This is good when it comes to promoting communication between the family. and talk face to face about certain topics.

Set limits on usage time

Another habit may consist of establishing a series of limits regarding screen time. The limits must be appropriate and adapted to the age of the children. This will allow parents have more control when it comes to the use of screens.

No cell phones at bedtime

It is advisable that children leave their cell phones outside the room when they go to sleep. This habit is important when it comes to achieving better sleep hygiene and that the child can sleep optimally.

Be an example for children

This series of habits should be applied to all family members, to both adults and children. Parents must be a model for their children, which is why it is important to have moderate use of screens. There is no point in establishing a series of habits for children when parents excessively use screens.

I use children's screens

Set schedules for screen use

Children should not and cannot be allowed to use screens whenever they want. The ideal is to set schedules during the day so that they do not exceed their use.

Propose outdoor activities

A healthy habit for the whole family is to propose outdoor activities. This is key when it comes to completely disconnecting from the use of screens and spending quality time with the family. Ride a bike or walk in the countryside It is something that helps strengthen family ties and improve communication within the family.

parental control

Apart from limiting the time they use screens, it is important to restrict the content they can see. Unfortunately, many children see content that is inappropriate for their age, without their parents knowing. Hence it is very important setting parental controls when it comes to the use of screens.

Talk about the topic

It is important to sit with your children and talk about the dangers of the internet and social networks. Good education regarding the responsible use of technology is key to avoiding future problems.

Promote hobbies other than screens

There is life beyond the screens, so it is advisable to encourage certain interests or hobbies in your children. Sit down and help your children to identify different hobbies such as reading, drawing or cooking. Everything is good as long as you avoid excessive use of the screens.

In short, the use of screens at all hours of the day It is not good at all for the development of children. A child or teenager cannot be allowed to spend hours and hours in front of a mobile or computer screen. There are certain routines that can help avoid this addiction to screens and limit their use.

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