Recommended lip colors for dark skin


Reds, pinks, browns, purples... the range of Recommended lip colors for dark skin It is broad. Luckily there is no single lip color that favors those skin that tans when exposed to the sun. However, choosing the best lipsticks for dark skin will depend on whether the skin is warm or cold. We explain it to you! And we propose colors for everyone.

Recommended lip colors for brunettes

There are many lip colors that you can play with if you are a brunette, however whether they look better or worse on you will depend on the temperature of your skin. If everything sounds Chinese to you, don't worry, you just have to find out if your skin is warm or cold and you can do it with the following clues:

  • Warm brunette: They are those that have a yellow undertone to the skin. It may be obvious at first glance, but if it is difficult for you, you can do another couple of checks: If looking at the veins on your arm in natural light, they appear green or if gold jewelry looks better on your face than silver jewelry, you belong to this category. . And brown, red and burgundy lip colors, among others, will suit you well.
  • cold brunette: In this case your skin will have a pink undertone, your veins will appear blue and jewelry with a silver finish will tend to look better on you. In these cases and in general, pinks, purples and magentas will become your best allies.

Now that you know your skin type and also knowing if you have a light or dark tan, you will be able to get more out of the colors and information we share below. Discover the recommended lip colors for brown skin and choose yours to make up your lips!


Red is a classic that never fails and what you should have in your toiletry bag if you are dark-skinned. Choose a pure and intense tone to bring light to your face; matte if you have warm skin and shiny if your skin is cold. Combine it with simple makeup: eye shadows in nude tones, mascara and a simple black eyeliner.

Red and burgundy lipstick


It is not red, it is not brown and it is not wine, but a fusion of all of them. This super pigmented color is a trend nowadays and luckily favors brunettes without exception, both warm brunettes and cold brunettes.

Intense and dark, it is a very elegant tone with which to makeup your lips but It is not the easiest to use; You will have to draw the contour of your lips well using an eyeliner if necessary and then fill it in carefully and without leaving it. We especially like it for the night but if you incorporate it into a natural makeup, it can also be a good choice for the day.


It is one of the best colors for brunettes without a doubt, especially for brunettes with warm skin. Brown lipsticks highlight skin tone and other features such as eye color, eyebrows and eyelashes and at the same time tend to look very natural.

Brown lipsticks

the tones copper, toffee or caramel, They feel better on warmer skin. They are attractive and combine with many styles, for day and night events. Chocolate tones with bluish undertones, on the other hand, look better on cold brown skin and are very elegant on them.


Nude tones help us easily achieve a sober and formal look during the day. However, they are not easy lip colors to wear for dark skin. Avoid white or beige shades in a matte version and choose a shimmery shade that matches your natural lip color.

Choose the undertones considering whether you are a warm or cold brunette. If you are a warm brunette, go for brown tones and if you are a cold brunette, go for pinks and purples. Wear them with simplicity during the day and for the night go for one with a vinyl finish or outline your lips with bronze and fill the rest with lipstick.

Nude and fuchsia lipstick

intense fuchsia

Fuchsia is an intense and pigmented color that It suits cold-skinned brunettes especially well. Unlike other shades that suit all brunettes, cold and intense pinks do not particularly favor those with warm skin; They tend to make the face look dull, dull and lackluster.


The pink lips They look better on cold skin, especially that purple-ish pink that is so popular. However, there are shades that are an exception, such as pale pink with brown undertones, perfect for everyday use and a good choice if you have warm skin.

Pink and purple lipsticks


Another perfect color for cold skin in its purest tones is purple. Choose a purple with a pink undertone for the day and an intense, bluish one for the night, combining it with black eyes with a powerful mascara and an eyeliner in the same color as the lips.

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