Recipies to do with kids

Easy recipes to make with children

Do you want to enjoy a family moment? So nothing like letting yourself be carried away by Recipies to do with kids. Because the little ones in the house will have an entertaining moment and they will not be the only ones. It is true that they have a lot where they can entertain themselves, but the kitchen is also one of the spaces in which they can integrate and more and more.

Why there are many recipes that we can make with children as protagonists. Simple steps like kneading, which you are going to love. Plus, they'll eat their own creations later, and that's always quite satisfying. If you were looking for fun and simple ideas, then you cannot miss everything that follows, because you will love the little ones even more. Shall we start?

Easy recipes for children without fire

Easy recipes for children and without medium heat are one of the best ideas we can find. Because we know that for them it is a game, a fun being in the kitchen. Therefore, we have to always keep them away from certain dangers such as fire. So, we are going to cook a series of simple and appetizing recipes for the little ones and with the little ones. In addition, they will not need cooking, so they still become more practical. Take good note of all of them!

Prepare children's lunch recipes

Cake made with sliced ​​bread

It is a cold dish that we all know. In addition, as it is made up of several layers, it is the easiest to make. This is child's play and as such, they will be the ones to make the most of a cake like this. To do this, you need a mold of the size you want, it will always be your choice and depending on the diners. Then, we will cover the bottom with slices of sliced ​​bread. You can spread the layers with a mixture of cheese and tuna, add chopped boiled egg or cucumber and lettuce, whatever you like the most!. We put another layer of bread, we fill it again and we finish with a new layer also of bread. You can decorate with mayonnaise, pieces of olives and ready to taste.

Some delicious fajitas

In this case Yes, you can make some ingredients in the kitchen, so that later they only have to fill the fajitas. Just by buying some corn tortillas and thinking about some filling ingredients, we will have in less than 5 minutes a cold and delicious dish that the kids will put together and that they will taste with a smile.

Fruit skewers

So that they can eat fruit for dessert or as a snack, nothing like letting themselves prepare some succulent skewers. You can buy some wooden skewer sticks and, under your supervision, let the little ones introduce their favorite fruits. Of course, the best thing is that you have previously cut the fruit into pieces, especially if we talk about the fact that children are small to cut it themselves. An idea that can be tasty and colorful at the same time!

Express chocolate cake

Surely you know the round wafers that they sell in any supermarket. Well, they will be the great bases of the cake. In addition, you will need chocolate cream of your choice and that's it. Now, as with the bread cake, we will have to form layers. A wafer that we will fill with the chocolate cream and thus, we will make layers. In the end, we will finish spreading chocolate both on the top and all over the outside of the cake. Decorate it with chocolates or colored sweets and now you will have a delicious chocolate cake in a matter of a few minutes and without an oven.

The best fun recipes for children, go ahead and make them!

Fun recipes for kids

Cooking with children we will spend one of the most fun and entertaining moments. Yes, be prepared to later collect flour and other ingredients from all the visible parts and perhaps some that are not so visible. But no one will take away the moment we have lived. They like to decorate, knead and be present in all the steps of the elaboration. Therefore, in this section we have selected those recipes to make with children that they will love, because they have everything mentioned and more.


Who doesn't like to make a pizza and more, devour it? Well, the kids too. Therefore, we bet for a moment pizza at home. If you buy the bases made, you will only have to cover them with everything you like the most, such as a little tomato, cheese, olives, some vegetables or chicken cold cuts., among others. If you make the dough, much better, because you will let them go by adding the water or flour and kneading it. You will see how good it suits them!


It is a kind of lollipop but made with our own hands. To do this, you need to crumble some muffins in a large bowl. Then, you will add cream cheese and you have to knead until a compact result is left. From this dough, we will take small portions, with which we will make balls or you can flatten them according to your tastes. On the other hand, you have to melt white chocolate and add food coloring to create different colors. To form our pop-cakes we need some sticks, which can be sweet like Mikado or skewer sticks. We wet the top of them with the melted chocolate and click on the balls of dough that we have made. Now it only remains to wet the whole ball and decorate in full color with shavings or chocolate noodles. Wait for them to dry well and you can enjoy with the whole family.

Cook cookies with the children, and you will enjoy


Baking cookies is another of the great hobbies we have for the little ones. Because giving them shapes is one of the ideas and easy desserts for kids. First we melt about 150 grams of butter and mix it with 100 grams of sugar. Add two medium eggs and a little vanilla essence. We mix everything well again and sift 240 grams of flour. Now it only remains to get your hands dirty to form the dough. Then they can make balls and shape them or use a cutter, depending on your preference. Decorate and bake.

Banana bonbons

From the moment chocolate appears in the middle, it will always be another of the funniest recipes to make with children. In this case, it is cut a couple of bananas into slices not too thin. On the other hand, we have to melt chocolate in a bowl large. Now you have to put each slice in the melted chocolate so that it covers it well. They will be thrown in a separate tray. We can decorate them as we like them and to the freezer. The result is spectacular!

Lunch recipes for kids

Now we are going to make a perfect combination for the little ones in the house. Because we have already seen how easy it is to cook with the little ones and create cooking recipes for kids. In this case, they can also help us, of course, but we are going to focus a little more on recipe ideas for kids who don't want to eat of everything. Are ideas for children to eat healthier. Thus we will enjoy a creative result that opens all your senses and with your help. What more can we ask for?

Make recipes with your children

Mushroom-shaped eggs

A perfect, simple and quick recipe. To do this, you have to cook the eggs and when they are almost cold, peel them and place us on a tray. Now Cut a cherry tomato in half and put it on as a hat. You can sprinkle pieces of egg on the tomato and that's it. You can accompany this dish with a little salad and remember that it is better if the eggs are not large for a better result.

Puff pastry appetizer with fun shapes

You can think of some animals and recortar a puff pastry with their faces. The easiest thing is to bet on a round base for the face and two smaller ones for the ears. Of course, if you want to make a piggy, you will put a round base in front. You can stick the pieces of puff pastry by slightly moistening the dough. You give it the shape you want, you can add fillings or decoration and in the oven. They will love it!

Reindeer Rudolf on your plate

If you want them to eat some white rice, with natural tomato and a couple of sausages, you can now form the plate in a creative way. To do this, you will place the very round rice in the center of the plate. For the nose, we will use half a cherry tomato. Two pieces of olive will be the eyes and for the reindeer antlers sausages a little open in half.

Centipede-shaped salad

So that they also eat some vegetables, nothing like try to make creative dishes. They themselves will be able to help you. In this case it is about betting on making the centipede's body with cucumber slices. His head will once again be half a cherry tomato and his legs, carrot pieces. You can make a sun on top of the plate with a little corn.

Bear shaped lentils

We are already seeing that recipes to make with children can be very creative. Therefore, if you see that your little ones are not very fans of lentils, you have to invent something. You will put them on a plate, right in the center, a little cooked rice to make the mouth. As our bear's ears, an egg boiled in half, while for the eyes, a round piece of boiled egg and an olive in the center. In this way we will give life to their plate and they will thank us. You already have the lentil bear!

Which of these recipes are you going to put into practice with your children?

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