A review of the fashion of the 60s

60s fashion

Undoubtedly, the fashion of the 60s was a revolution. If each decade had its great success, in this case, there were some changes that had not been seen so far. One of them was the arrival of the miniskirt. Yes, from this decade on, women wore garments a few inches above the knee.

Something that was a great change for the fashion of the 60s and the subsequent decades. But not only that, but also, great style icons emerged with names and surnames. One of them was Jackie Kennedy or model Twiggy. Today we review the main characteristics of this fashion and all the legacy that is still very present.

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Characteristics of the fashion of the 60s

The 60s had a lot of influences. Although some believe that its main features were at the end of the same with the hippie movement, we must also mention others just as important. In the early years, fashion took a turn towards a very beachy theme. Shortly after, music was the real influence of it. The rock era began to give prominence to new garments. The more psychedelic fashion it was beginning to emerge. In addition, bell-bottoms, jeans and prints were the great classics.

Looks with 60s fashion

Of course, there was also room for more elegant clothes. Skirt & Jacket Suits with flared sleeves, as well as hats were the basic qualities of a trend taken to its maximum expression. Undoubtedly, as we have commented at the beginning, everything was led by the great miniskirt. Find out more about sixties garments!

Basic garments of the fashion of the sixties

The miniskirt

Without a doubt, the miniskirt is starting to take over. Women feel more comfortable and feminine with them. That is why they leave behind the skirts that covered their knees to change them for ones that reveal them about 15 centimeters more. It was all the fault of the dressmaker Mary Quant who gave life to an essential garment that still has a great trend today.

The 60s dresses

In the dresses of the 60s, the more voluminous skirts. A perfect way to highlight the waist and upper body. Since these, they fit a bit more. In addition, they were usually completed with some type of wide belt, which highlighted the waist a lot. The necklines are also beginning to show, although a high neckline also stood out. A combination of them that made it clear that each and every one was perfect for any style. There were also a few more everyday dresses that had a simple flared cut, very striking prints and vibrant colors. Of course, always above the knee.

60s dresses

Upper garments

Upper garments such as T-shirts or blouses used to go inside the skirt or pants. Again highlighting the waist. The collars that also triumphed at this time were the round ones and those known as Peter Pan collars. Of course, the garments stood out for being a little tighter than in other times.


Jeans on one side, flared cut and on the other, colored or patterned. On the stripes they are part of a garment like this. They keep from high rise and straight cut, especially when we talk about fabric pants.

The basic colors in sixties fashion

Colors in the fashion of the 60s

We are talking about clothes, but not to lose any type of details, nothing like their colors. Although we have mentioned that he was carried away by the combination of them, there are some that always remained. So it is that green, mustard or orange were strong bets in fashion. Neither does the earth color scheme lagged behind.

Looks with skirts and pants

Midi volume skirts

Today we can still wear a look very much in keeping with those years. On the one hand, with a loose and short dress we will have more than enough. Of course, try to make it in bright colors. Also dresses that have a cut at the waist or hips and some gathers can be essential to remember such a moment.

Flared jeans

On the other hand, jeans are always one of the most faithful garments we have. There is no season that we do not wear them. So, if you want to show off a style of the 60s, nothing like choosing ones with a bell and combining them with loose blouses and accessories such as handbags and hats.

60s hairstyles

On one hand, the combed hair began to be very protagonist. The large volumes in it were one of the most important parts of this decade. Even the mane wanted to be worn with a certain volume. The high bun with bangs also had great inspiration. He was one of the great favorites of the great Brigitte Bardot. The part in the middle also left the hair marked and to finish each hairstyle, we could also see how a ribbon accompanied it. Thanks to its colors, it stood out above the whole look.

What was the makeup of the 60s like?

Well without a doubt, he was trying to mark and make our eyes bigger. Both the top and the bottom were outlined. In addition to that, the eyelashes also appeared in an exaggerated way. So for that reason, the false ones would be the great allies. The shadow colors they ranged from blue to green. Always intense like the ones that fashion garments had left us. Of course, the skin was in a very natural way and the lips too. The pink colors would be what would be seen in them.

The style of Jackie Kennedy

If there is a woman who wore this perfectly Sixties style was Jackie Kennedy. Although all the styles fit him like a glove. Very fan of hats, as well as gloves and discreet jewelry. His colors were the pastel ones that he wore in jacket and skirt suits like nobody. His designs were very simple but always with the elegance that each moment required. It seems that when she wanted to get out of the way a bit, the color red was among her favorites. When comfort knocked on his door, capri pants they were one of his favorites. Still today, it remains the inspiration of many designers.

Madonna 80s fashion
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