How to know if my dog ​​has a fever

How do I know if my dog ​​has a fever?

We are always very attentive to our pets, we study everything that happens to them to the millimeter because they worry us a lot. Therefore, when faced with some alerts we may not know exactly what is happening to them. Today we talk about How to know if my dog ​​has a fever or feels sick. Although they cannot speak, and it is the only thing left for them to do, they will leave us some clues.

Some clues that will be the perfect key to discover everything that happens to them at all times. Of course, when we assume that they are sick but we do not know what is happening to them, it is best to go to our trusted veterinarian. While you don't have the appointment with him, we can explain some clues that suggest that the dog has a fever.

When we talk about fever in a dog

It is true that temperature values ​​can vary from a person to a baby and of course, also to a dog. In this case we can say that When the animal is over 39 degrees then we will say it is a fever and he is already over 40 or 41, you should take him to the emergency room. It must be said that these values ​​can also vary depending on the breed and even the age of the animal. To know the exact temperature, it is best to place a thermometer in the rectal area.

symptoms of fever in a dog

How to know if my dog ​​has a fever

We already know what temperature we are in, but now we have to know if he really has a fever or not. Therefore, we are going to stay with the clearest symptoms.

You will sleep much more

When you have a fever you feel weaker and that is why they tend to sleep longer than usual. They will be in constant sleep and even if they do not sleep as such, they will keep their eyes closed and not want to move, since they lack energy.

The nose is dry and hot

The dog's nose is the most important and not only for its sense of smell but it can also be the place where certain diseases become known. Therefore, fever can be seen in it and in what way? Well because you will notice that the nose is drier and also, it comes with more heat, it will be hot to the touch.

causes of fever in animals

Red eyes

It is true that the Red eyes They can be a symptom of many other diseases or problems. Some of them are very different and without needing to be major problems. But when the fever appears, it is another of the symptoms that does not appear on its own but that joins the list.

Runny nose

when there is one runny nose is that there may be an infection and of course fever will be one of them. Remember that you should not medicate your pet for anything, but that it will always be the veterinarian who gives the medication if appropriate.

Loss of appetite

If when we are sick we don't feel like doing anything, imagine our dogs. They also have a hard time, they are listless and therefore, if you see that they don't eat as much it is something totally natural. It is part of that fever that has a bad body that you should keep in mind.

Causes of fever in dogs

The causes of fever appearing are also very varied. One of the most important is due to the reaction to the relevant vaccines. But not only that, it can also be caused by an infection. The reason? It can be so much bacterial and viral type And they can be caught in different ways. Furthermore, another cause, and perhaps the most important, is that your pet may have ingested something toxic.

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