Consuming dairy products increases the possibility of multiple pregnancies


Twin pregnancies continue to increase worldwide in recent decades, something that draws the attention of the scientific community that studies different factors that could positively influence this trend. And a few years ago, one was published that stated that consuming dairy products increases the possibility of multiple pregnancies. Have you heard of him?

According to a study published in May 2006 in The Journal of Reproductive Medicine, there would be a relationship between dairy consumption and the probability of having yolk twins or fraternal twins. Today we talk about this study and the causes of the increase in these multiple pregnancies both in our country and worldwide.

The studio

The study published in The Journal of Reproductive Medicine to which we have referred was led by Gary Steinman, clinical professor Adjunct of Obstetrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.

The analyzes must be regular.

For this study, it evaluated the history of pregnant vegetarian women who did not consume dairy products and compared the results with those of other mothers who did consume them, detecting in the latter a concentration in the blood that was 13% higher than normal. hormone called IGF.

Thus, I determined that there would be a direct correlation between the increased presence of IGF and the possibility of conceiving a multiple pregnancy. Something that previous research carried out on cows had already proven.

What is the IGF?

We have talked about IGF, which is key in this study, but you probably don't know what it is. Known as insulin growth factor, is secreted mainly in the liver, as a result of the stimulation of growth hormone, vital for the correct development of bones and tissues and whose highest levels are seen during puberty.


All animals, including humans, produce this compound called IGF and that could explain why women who consumed dairy products daily in this study presented a higher concentration of this hormone. And this would be transmitted to your digestive tract from milk and as a consequence of the presence of growth hormones in products of animal origin.

To go further, it is known that cows treated with rBGH synthetic hormones They produce milk with IGF-1 levels between two and ten times higher than those of a normal cow, causing hyperovulation that would lead to multiple pregnancies. However, in the European Union this hormone is prohibited and multiple pregnancies also continue to increase, so it seems evident that a higher concentration of this hormone in milk is not so decisive.

Multiple pregnancies grow, why?

As we mentioned at the beginning, twin pregnancies do not stop growing and Spain is no exception. In the last 30 years the number of double births multiplied by more than two. And there are several factors that could explain this increase, the following being the most obvious:


  • Use of fertility treatments. Medications used in fertility treatments and assisted reproductive technologies, such as in vitro fertilization, increase the chances of these types of pregnancies because they produce more than one egg. And precisely these are based on transferring two or more embryos in order to increase the possibility of pregnancy.
  • Delay in reproductive age Women's. Women over 35 years of age are more likely to have twins since many hormonal changes occur towards the end of the childbearing age that generate double ovulation. And today with the change in the role of women in society, they tend to delay the decision to materialize their desire to be mothers.
  • Consumption of products of animal origin. A second investigation carried out that same year by Dr Steinman concluded that women who took animal products daily were five times more likely to become pregnant with multiple babies in relation to vegans, since these would influence the growth of the growth factor insulin.

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