7 mistakes you make when recycling

The importance of recycling.

Recycling is very important, we are becoming more and more aware when it comes to recycle all the waste we generate at home. 

Recycling waste allows us to contribute to caring for the environment, however, there are still people and situations in which we make many mistakes when it comes to recycling. If you want to know them, We'll tell you then.

The accumulation of garbage of various kinds entails a set of problems that currently has not yet found a definitive solution to avoid that crush of garbage.

Using the different recycling techniques we can not only reduce the magnitude of waste and pollution, but also optimize economic efficiency. If we recycle every day, we can increase the resources that packaging and glass give us to be able to do more, today, tWe have to be aware of all the waste that is generated and we must bear in mind that they must be recycled to improve our planet.

Mistakes made when recycling

When we get ready to recycle on many occasions we make mistakes due to lack of information, for not providing information and for not having the education regarding this issue since we are little. In the past, no attention was paid to recycling and that is why it is now very important to educate the little ones so that in the future they do it automatically without thinking.

Next, we tell you what are the most common mistakes that we usually make without realizing it.

Flush moistened wipes and paper napkins down the toilet

This type of sanitary napkin contains paper cellulose, they have fibers derived from fossil fuel. What's more, stained or damp paper napkins are not recyclable. Both items should be thrown in the solid waste and not down the drain because it would make a major plug.

Food stained paper and cardboard

Food delivery cartons are filled with grease and cannot be recycled. This makes them unrecoverable therefore it should go to the common garbage as you cannot remove the fat or oil from the food we have ordered, especially if it is hamburgers, pizza or Chinese food.

Trash cans for recycling.

Not all plastics can be recycled

One of the most common mistakes when recycling plastics is thinking that they are all recyclable. Cellophane wrappers for example cannot be recycled, or bags that are not biodegradable, plastics marked with the acronym PLA, or used toothbrushes.

Not all plastics are recyclableThere are different varieties that are identified on the packaging in a normal way, therefore, it is important to look at the containers when we go to recycle them.

Waste organic waste

You can reuse the organic remains of your meals, You can use the stems of vegetables, eggshells, fruits to make compost in a homemade way. Once it has developed the necessary qualities, you can use it as a nutrient for the plants in your garden.

Thinking that all types of glass can be recycled

In this case, the glasses also have to be separated in case they can be recycled or not, for example, wine glasses or broken glasses they cannot lie where the glass, since it is not glass but crystal and has lead oxide in its composition. 

You cannot recycle window or car glass, light bulbs, medicine ampoules or mirrors.

Dispose of used batteries with other types of recyclable objects

The best alternative, when it comes to batteries and the aim is to take care of the environment, is to use rechargeable batteries. Because like this we will avoid the massive consumption of common batteries that they should not be thrown away with other debris.

It should not be thrown away either as solid waste or as plastic, it should be thrown in the appropriate places for it, sThey are usually at specific points in hardware stores. 

Mixing dirty materials or food scraps

If we recycle cans that are very dirty or with food scraps, they could become unusable in themselves, but they could also render the entire load unusable.

It is because of that we have to clean them well before we put them out for recyclingAlthough it is a bit tedious, it is important to do it for the common good.

 It is very important to recycle and take care of our planet

Our planet is only one, there is no plan B, our planet Earth needs us to take care of it, that we be responsible to avoid creating land, water or air pollution. The greenhouse effect affects the global temperature of the planet, deforestation is becoming more and more indiscriminate and in the end, it affects all living beings. 

Recycling is a beginning and it is in everyone's hands, we have to do our bit and with recycling we can start to do it, daily and easily.

Mountain of unrecycled garbage.

Latest tips on recycling

Practically all the elements that surround us can be recycled or reused, so it is convenient to put a simple recycling system at home so that everyone at home can contribute.

Recycling should start in our home, in factor, recycling is everyone's challenge, and acquire new habits that will help us to have a better quality of life and a more sustainable planet.

The main materials that we can recycle at home are:

  • Yogurt bottles, shampoo cans, snack bags, stopper lids, tubs and lids.
  • Plastic bags.
  • Tetrabrick of milk or juice.
  • Aluminum cans.
  • Paper and cardboard containers such as cereals or shoes.
  • Newspapers and magazines.
  • Cologne bottles.
  • Batteries for domestic use.
  • Bottles of wine or cava.
  • Jam jars and all kinds of preserves.
  • Home appliances.
  • Electronic devices.
  • Light bulbs.
  • Waste oil.
  • Furniture.

These are some of the products that we can recycle at home without inconvenience, we will only have to know how to choose in which container it should go, since there are things that generate doubts.

Go ahead and recycle everything you can at home, Currently there are systems that facilitate this task. There are no excuses. 


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