7 home remedies against insomnia

home remedies against insomnia

Insomnia is one of the common problems of the population. Its origin may be due to various causes, but whatever it may be, we are clear that the lack of rest will be noticeable very soon and we will feel without energy and even in a bad mood. So, we must do everything possible to change our habits and nothing better than opting for the home remedies against insomnia.

La quality of your day It can be diminished if you do not remedy it as soon as possible. Although it is no one's consolation, more than one 30% of the population suffers from insomnia and that is why remedies are the order of the day. You must take good note of all that we tell you, because they are not wasted. It's time to try them and discover the one that works best for you!

Apple cider vinegar and honey

The truth is that said like that it is not something that sounds too delicious. But in reality they can be two of the great resources with which to make sleep take over our body. Since thanks to the combination of these ingredients, the serotonin and melotonin will increase. In order to test its operation you must have a container with warm water on hand, in which you will add one tablespoon of honey and two of apple cider vinegar.

apple vinegar

cherry juice

Cherries in addition to help our skin stay younger, also prevents diabetes and of course, helps regulate sleep. So, in this case you can try drinking its juice, which in addition to being very delicious, will also help you enjoy a restful sleep.

aromatic oils

Spray, with some droplets of aromatic oils (such as lavender), the pillow is always a great alternative. Because this type of aromas tend to relax and that is what we want to achieve in order to have a restful sleep. It is a way to relax the senses and fall asleep.

Baño relajante

Another home remedy against insomnia is to take a relaxing bath before going to sleep. Yes, I'm sure it already sounds familiar to you, but it is another of the tricks that we can put into practice because they also work since we are little. A hot bath, without looking at the clock, without distraction and taking your time will be a great alternative.

relaxing bath

Home remedies against insomnia: valerian

It is known by many and it does not hurt to opt for the valerian to try to relax and let Morpheus come into our lives. Although it is true that it is not always easy, let's try. Their relaxing properties They are more than famous throughout the world, making let our nervous system rest. What's more, it is also used for anxiety and even menopause. There is no clear evidence about this solution but it is true that its relaxing properties will be more than ideal for trying to relax our body.

Relaxation techniques before sleeping

Sometimes it is difficult to be able to relax and even more so, if it is last hour of the day when thoughts rush us. That's why, practice good breathing and do mindfulness It can help you a lot to achieve your goals. Because they are ways to relax the body and promote sleep.

Orange leaves

Although oranges have endless properties for the body thanks to its vitamins, Orange leaves They are not left behind. we are going to use as an infusion So now you know, you need to boil water, add the leaves and let them rest for a few minutes. Then you will strain and have tea.

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