6 uses of white vinegar for household cleaning

Uses of white vinegar

White vinegar is a powerful ecological product that can be used for cleaning the home practically in its entirety. Any corner, difficult spot, grease, lime, moisture, can be cleaned with white vinegar, it is even a powerful natural air freshener. This product is easy to find, inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

So, once you discover all the possibilities of this product, you will surely dyou will stop buying different types of specific cleaners for any corner of your house. With a single product you can clean and disinfect your entire house, so you can save a lot of money and space. Not forgetting that cleaning products contain chemicals that are dangerous for children, pets and the environment.

Do you want to know what are the uses of white vinegar?

There are different types of vinegar, although only one is valid for cleaning. It is the specific white vinegar for cleaning, so it is detailed on the container, regardless of the producing company. This type of vinegar has a higher degree of acidity, so it is not suitable for consumption, but it is perfect for cleaning. Now, let's see what are the uses of white vinegar in cleaning the home.

Antibacterial multipurpose

Homemade cleaner

White vinegar is a spectacular natural disinfectant, capable of eliminating mold that proliferates in many corners of the home, bacteria and all kinds of organisms that cause bad odors at home. You can use it to clean any surface, all types of floors, toilets of the bathroom, tiles, appliances or glass, among many other uses.

For common surfaces, you can create a multipurpose with this simple recipe.

  • In a sprayer mix: a cup of white vinegar, the juice of a lemon and cover the rest of the container with water. Shake well before use, you can use this multipurpose for bathrooms, furniture or kitchen countertop. If you add a cap of detergent to the mixture, you will have an ideal scrubber.

To get rid of lime

The annoying white lime stains on surfaces where there is water, such as the faucet or the shower screen, will drive anyone crazy. You only have to spray the white cleaning vinegar on the surface to be treatedDepending on the amount of lime embedded, you will have to use more or less. Let the vinegar act for a few minutes and remove with hot water.

Pipe cleaner

Drains are a perfect home for bacteria, which proliferate freely, leaving bad smells in rooms. Try this trick, In addition to unclogging the drains, you will get rid of the bad smell. Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain, then add a cup of white vinegar, let it act for 20 minutes and finish by pouring 2 liters of hot water.

Appliance cleaner

There is no more powerful fat remover than white vinegar. For the microwave or oven, insert a cup of white vinegar with a part of baking soda, heat well and let it act inside the appliance for 20 minutes. Fat comes off with amazing ease. Do not miss this step by step to clean the washing machine thoroughly with this amazing natural cleanser.

Fabric softener and antibacterial

Disinfecting clothes with white vinegar

If you have sweat-stained shirts, hard-to-clean fabrics, or your clothes come out of the washing machine smelly, try this trick. Add a quarter cup of white vinegar to the washer drawer, in the gap corresponding to the softener. Try to hang your clothes in the sun as it is also a natural antibacterial and when you dry your clothes, the smell of vinegar disappears completely.

Fruit and vegetable disinfectant

Before consuming any fruit or vegetable, you have to spend some time cleaning it beforehand. This is essential to eliminate pesticides and bacteria that are hidden in these foods. Fill a bowl with water, add a tablespoon of white vinegar and another of bicarbonate. Introduce the food and wash it in this solution before storing it, so it will be ready for consumption.

Did you know all these uses of white cleaning vinegar? If you know of any other tricks, share them so we can all sanitize our house in a more ecological way.

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