6 uses of neutral soap in cleaning

neutral soap

Do you know the uses of neutral soap in cleaning? Well, don't worry if the answer is negative because we are going to tell you about it, so that you can make the most of a product like this. It is true that we all know what a neutral soap is and that it is a product that has a PH very similar to that of our skin, so it protects and cares for it without the need for more additives.

But today it will not be the skin that will take care of it, but we will take it to our home for the purpose of cleaning. Because it will also take the utmost care with surfaces and therefore, when you no longer use it for daily hygiene, you can take advantage of it to clean in depth all the corners of your home, which are not few. Find out!

Neutral soap for window cleaning

That cleaning the windows can be quite an ordeal because once we get down to work we want them to be perfect and we don't always get it. So, in this case, you are going to put aside all kinds of cleaners and opt for neutral soap. For it, you need hot water, this soap and a cloth that does not leave marks. You will see how the dirt is descaling in a faster and more effective way. Finally you pass the cloth and shiny!

the soap in cleaning

To avoid the musty smell

Do you have any specific product to be able to avoid musty smell? Well now yes. It is difficult to get rid of it and we know it, but with this remedy you will get it and for longer. It is about putting several bars of soap in the area where you have moisture. Especially in places like closets or where you store clothes. Well, in this way you will prevent that unpleasant smell and even the formation of mold.

To clean glass and mirrors

Surely you also have a specific spray to clean the windows and mirrors, leaving them as new. But if you do not want to store products, it is best to have one that can be used for several uses, as is the case. Neutral soap is perfect for cleaning windows and mirrors at home. You will pass the product through them, rinse and then, with a lint-free cloth, you will pass it. You will see how no marks remain after having taken the correct steps.

To keep floors shiny

Especially marble floors will be delighted with a product like this. Because in addition to thoroughly removing dirt, it will also keep them shiny for longer. If you don't know how to proceed, you need a bucket of water with a little neutral soap and scrub with said mixture. If you see that the floor has more dirt than it should, then first rub lightly and then you will mop. If you take care of them often with this type of product, you will avoid the most complicated stains.

household uses for cleaning soap

to wash the dishes

sometimes it's not enough when the dishes or dishes have traces of fat. In order to remove all the dirt thoroughly, let yourself be carried away by this type of soap. It is one of the best alternatives. To do this, you must put a liter of hot water in a container, a small piece of soap that you can grate with a knife, for example, and a splash of cleaning vinegar. Now all that remains is to scrub the entire dishwasher with this mixture and you will see the result instantly.

To shine your lacquered doors or cabinets

Yes, it is true that lacquered furniture already gives us that shine that is spectacular. But to be able to keep it like the first day, we are going to need a great ally like this one. So, both the doors of the house and those of the cupboards, you can enjoy this remedy. With a cloth that is damp in hot water and a little soap, you will have enough for optimal cleaning.

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