6 ideas to decorate ceilings

Ideas to decorate ceilings

The roofs of most homes are white. However, nothing prevents us from giving them color, covering them or decorating them in different ways. By doing so we can not only make a room more attractive but we can also fool the eye and make it look wider and/or taller. Discover 6 ideas to decorate ceilings and have fun adding personality to your home.

Paint it a solid color

Just like we paint the walls we can paint the ceilings colors to deceive the eye regarding its dimensions and provide a large dose of personality. If you are going to give your house a coat of paint soon, don't think about it! Paint the ceilings It can be an original way to update it.

Choose a dark color to paint the ceilings if they are very high. Doing so will resize and balance the space by visually bringing the ceiling closer to the floor and, consequently, widening the perimeter of the room. Greens, blues and caldera and terracotta tones are especially interesting in these cases and are tremendously striking.

Spectacular colored ceilings!

What if the ceilings are low? Choose light and bright tones. Pastel colors are a great alternative if your walls are white, while if they are colored, painting the ceiling a tone or two lighter than the wall color is the perfect option to avoid making mistakes.

Install wallpaper

The idea is not new but it has recently gained new prominence. A striking patterned paper on white walls helps to visually elevate the room. Furthermore, in case of cracks due to construction deficiencies, they will be responsible for covering them. And if you are interested in highlighting the moldings or wooden beams, there is nothing better than a paper with geometric patterns to make it.

Wallpaper on the ceiling

Cover it with wood

Wood coverings introduce an organic element in our home something that fits with current decorative trends. The wide variety of finishes and designs available on the market also makes it really easy to adapt them to the style of your home, whatever it may be.

Wood covered ceilings

a wooden roof brings warmth to the space; a feature that can be especially interesting when you have high ceilings. These also allow us to play with a greater number of possibilities, create different inclinations and/or bet on deep designs.

We are thinking of these coatings mainly as a decorative element, but you should know that these are also some thermal and acoustic insulators perfect so you will also be gaining in functionality.

Add some LED lights

LED lights have gained a lot of prominence in our homes. They fulfill a practical function but can also become a great decorative tool. Among the ideas to decorate ceilings that we propose, this is, without a doubt, the most modern and current. You just have to look at the results to verify it.

LED lights on the ceiling

In the living room it is common to find them on the ceilings, bordering the corners of the wall to provide ambient light to the room. However, there are much more original ways to use them, especially in those forgotten spaces such as halls and hallways to which they can add a lot of personality.

Contribute for adhesive vinyl

One of the most popular ways to decorate the walls of homes is to place decorative vinyl. But why not place them on the ceiling. Did you know that there are vinyls that are specific for the ceiling? In a simple and economical way, in most cases, you will be able to transform the environment.

Adhesive vinyl for the ceiling

The vinyls are easy to stick and peel off, so working with them is very comfortable. We especially like them in the children's bedroomwhere a mantle of stars or some polka dots are always an excellent option. But there are also more conservative alternatives for the master bedroom or living room that imitate the circular moldings of yesteryear.

Put moldings

And speaking of moldings, how could these not have a place among our ideas for decorating ceilings? Moldings play a major role in classic-style spaces with high ceilings, but they are not exclusive to them.

Moldings to decorate ceilings

In fact, they can remain fantastic in modern and avant-garde environments to which they will provide a certain elegance. The range of possibilities is such that the difficult thing will be to choose one and as you can see in the images there are something for all tastes: simpler and more ornate.

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