6 Halloween costumes for groups or families

The strange world of Jack

Halloween night is a night that more and more children and adults look forward to and prepare for. An excuse to decorate the house, dress up as terrifying characters (or not) and enjoy with friends and/or family. Do you already have everything prepared? If you have not yet chosen a character, we propose 6 Halloween costumes for groups or families.

Agree with family or friends Choosing a theme can be a lot of fun. Especially when you are not starting from scratch and you have proposals to draw on like the ones we share today. There's nothing left until Halloween arrives, choose your costume!


This film released in 2016 went unnoticed but oozed good vibes. Four women formed the team ready to end any spectral threat. It doesn't matter if you haven't seen them, what we suggest is that you imitate their wardrobe. It's really easy to do; you only need a few gray divers and some orange ribbons to create the details on the chest and sleeves. And of course, weapons! Additionally, you can add male characters to the team.


The strange world of Jack

If you have not seen this film (on the cover) I invite you to do so! It is a great movie to introduce your little ones to the universe of horror and also look for inspiration for Halloween. The Sally's red hair and her dress made with scraps of different printed fabrics are very characteristic, but so is Jack Skellington's striped tuxedo. Additionally, this film has many more characters with striking costumes and makeup to draw inspiration from. Perfect for a group of friends or a family, don't you think?

the return of the witches

Many of us who saw this movie in childhood and who remember, if not the dresses in detail, then the colors associated with each of them. Yeah do you enjoy making costumes and you are not afraid of work, this could be a good movie to inspire you to create Halloween costumes for groups or families.

the return of the witches

The Addams Family

It is a classic and we were on the verge of not including it on this list for that reason, but we couldn't resist. Is so easy recreate this family's black and white wardrobe and their hairstyles that a few days will be enough for you to prepare. With what you have at home and four key things that you need to buy such as a striped jacket, a black lace fabric that will help you give a dramatic touch to any black dress you have at home and a wig... you will have it done!

the adams family

A Clockwork Orange

We couldn't fail to include this horror film classic on our list. As was the case with the ghostbusters, you will also need little to imitate their characters in this mythical scene. White pants, a white shirt, some underwear, some boots and a black hat are the five essential elements to achieve this. Furthermore, if you want to terrorize more than one person in the streets, you should not ignore makeup, that well marked eye which can be seen in the second image. Do you like the idea?

the metallic orange

Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory

Among the Halloween costumes for groups or families, we confess that this is one of our favorites and also one of the nicest. Here they have big and small; Only in the next photo you will find 11 characters. It is true that not everyone wears a wardrobe that makes them stand out, but here the outfit is what is important.

Willy Wonka

The purple jacket, the filter hat, the blue jacket, the red dress, the green dirndl and the yellow cowboy shirt are details that you will have to imitate so that the whole thing makes sense. The final auction will be put by some lollipops colorful and giant which you can shape with some cardboard boxes and some sticks.

What idea convinces you the most to trick family and/or friends and enjoy the next Halloween night in costume?

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