5 ways to organize your book collection


Those of us who enjoy reading tend to write down the pending titles to read on a list. A list that grows at a dizzying rate that we cannot cope with. We do not buy all the titles on the list, far from it, but we end up accumulating at home a important collection of books that you need to organize in some way.

Have a library in which to be able to place them all is the dream of many. The reality, however, forces us to distribute them in different rooms. Even so keep order in our collection It is possible by applying one of the five formulas that we propose today. Shall we start?

Books tend to occupy relevant spaces in our homes, which is why for many it is so important that the way they are organized responds to both practical and aesthetic criteria. Joining the two is difficult but not impossible. Whichever method you choose to do it, this is our first recommendation: reserve a shelf in a preferred place for newly arrived books, those you haven't read.


By gender

When different genres are consumed in a household (essays, fiction, biographies, memoirs, theater, poetry), organizing books according to this criterion is always a practical choice. Once classified by genre, in addition, if the number of volumes is generous, you can always resort later to organize them in alphabetical or editorial order. Two ways to organize them with their corresponding advantages and disadvantages.

In alphabetical order

Sorting the library alphabetically is still one of the most popular choices. Do you mainly read fiction? If there is a dominant genre in your book collection, you can organize this in the main bookstore taking into account the initial of the authors' last name. You can thus easily locate the books of your favorite author.

Do you find it difficult to remember titles and authors of the works you read? If, like me, two months after reading them, it is difficult for you to even remember the argument, this may not be the best method for you. In your case and in mine, a more visual method could be more practical.

Different ways to organize your book collection

By publishers

If you do not remember titles or authors but if you do not remember the aesthetic characteristics of the book such as the thickness, the color of the spine or the cover, more visual organization methods can be of great help. Sorting them by publisher, for example, could help you find a book quickly.

In most cases, it is easy to identify which publisher a book belongs to just by looking at the spine. It is very characteristic, for example, the red of the Periférica collections. Also the orange or red stripes on the black back of the Acantilado publishing house or the logo of the Anagrama collection.

This method, in addition to being practical, allows us to organize the library so that books with similar characteristics are together. A practice that offers us a more orderly and attractive viewgenerally from our library.

By colors

A method with a lot of presence currently on Instagram, a network in which everything seems to be visually cared for, is to organize the books by color. Practical? If, like me, you have a fickle memory, it can be as long as the book collection is relatively small.

We cannot ignore that books with black and white spines are the majority. It is true that there are more and more publishers, mainly new and / or independent, that bet on color but it is rare to find, for example, books with purple or green slime, to give a few examples. So if the view of your bookstore it will be beautiful but probably unbalanced and there won't be much you can do about it.

Book collections organized by color

For sympathy

Did you like the book? Would you recommend it to someone? The feeling that one has of a certain reading how much you have to return it to the library can become as valid a classification method as the previous ones. Why not organize your books in three categories? Those that you liked or whose reading has marked you on the one hand. On the other, those that you have enjoyed but would only recommend to certain people. And finally, those that you have not liked and that you are likely to sell or give to someone who can enjoy them.

Do you use any criteria to organize your book collection?

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