5 tricks to maximize storage in a small kitchen


tricks to maximize storage in a kitchen

Small kitchens are challenging. How to make space for everything we need in so little space? Maximizing storage is key to making the kitchen functional and cooking continues to be a task that we enjoy. But how to do it?

In Bezzia we have collected a series of tricks to maximize storage in a small kitchen. And you don't need a blank kitchen to be able to implement them; with creativity you can also implement them in an already furnished kitchen. Take note!

Before starting to apply the tricks that we share with you, we want you to be clear that if you have more things than storage space, you will never get your kitchen to be tidy. Prioritize, get rid of what you don't use on a regular basis and everything will be much easier.

Take advantage of all the walls

Do you have a free wall in your kitchen?  Install floor-to-ceiling solutions that allow you to maximize storage space. Combine closed storage solutions with other open ones that allow you to have at hand what you use every day. These solutions do not need to be very deep; 20 centimeters are enough both to organize glass jars with legumes, cereals, seeds and spices, as well as to store small appliances, bowls or cups.

storage solutions for the kitchen

You can also take advantage of the kitchen front to have an extra space to organize different condiments and utensils. A metal bar or a narrow shelf will give you space between the worktop and the upper cabinets for more things than you think.

Reduce the size of appliances

Appliances take up a large part of the space in our kitchen. However, this does not have to be like this; we can adapt the size of our appliances to the size of our kitchen. Prioritizing is the key to choose which electrical appliances we can do without or which we can reduce in size.

Small appliances

Is the dishwasher essential for you? Perhaps you can reduce its size in exchange for wearing it more regularly. Also, if you don't overcook, you probably don't need a four-burner cooktop. You could even contemplate doing without the oven or microwave and opting for a microwave oven, a appliance with a dual function. These and other changes such as reducing the size of the refrigerator will allow you to enjoy more space to store things.

Bet on removable tables

How does a pull-out table help us maximize storage in the kitchen? Usually when we furnish the kitchen we do it by reserving one of the walls to place the table. A table that in small kitchens is usually folding. However, today we don't have to give up a wall of cabinets to place a table.

removable tables

Pull-out tables are an alternative to folding tables in smaller kitchens. They are integrated into kitchen cabinets as if it were a piece of Tetris. In this way, the storage space that needs to be dispensed with is minimal.

Set aside a site for each thing

Another way to maximize storage space is to allocate a space for each item. Only in this way can you optimize each of the cabinets or drawers to accommodate as many items as possible. You can achieve this by making use of removable solutions, separators ...

Kitchen cabinets

Measure well each closet, what you want to store in it and look for suitable solutions to optimize it. Today there are numerous stores dedicated to home organization in which you will find everything you need. So much so that you will have to avoid going crazy in order not to overspend.

Install sliding doors

Sliding doors solve numerous problems in small spaces. Not only do they facilitate movement in these, but they allow you to place cabinets where with conventional doors it would be impossible to do so. Look at the pantries in the image above! You will need 25 centimeters deep to create an equal with simple and inexpensive modular systems and sliding doors.

Do you like these types of ideas to improve the functionality of the kitchen? Are they practical for you?


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