5 natural remedies to treat stretch marks

Remedies for stretch marks

Stretch marks appear on the skin when it is stretched too much and the fibers that provide collagen and elastin through the dermis break. In the first moments, these marks are presented in a reddish or purplish toneas a consequence of fiber breakage. Afterwards, they turn whitish and stay on the skin practically forever.

When stretch marks appear they can be treated, the appearance can be improved to make the marks imperceptible. But once they settle, when they turn white, they are very difficult to get rid of. Not even the most expensive cabin treatments offer definitive results. However, improve the appearance of the skin is possible, both with specific products, and with natural remedies such as the ones we leave you below.

The best remedy, prevention

Hydrate the body

Stretch marks, as we said, are produced by the breakage of the fibers of the skin. This occurs when the skin is abnormally stretched, usually during sudden weight changes. They also occur during pregnancy, not only due to weight change, but also due to hormonal factors. Other frequent causes are genetic inheritance, the consumption of some medications or a poor diet that does not cover the essential nutrients for the body.

To prevent them from appearing stretch marks on the skin, it is best to take preventive measures. The first and most important is hydration, because dehydrated skin is more likely to become weak and break. Second is food. Eat natural foods, follow a varied, balanced and moderate diet to control your weight. Because this is the third and fundamental key to preventing stretch marks.

Sudden weight changes are the main cause of the appearance of stretch marks on the skin and the one that most hinders their treatment. Try to stay at a healthy weight and if you are going to follow a slimming diet, make sure that it meets your nutritional needs so that the loss is progressive and does not wreak havoc on your skin. Put yourself in the hands of a professional and you will achieve your goals.

Remedies for stretch marks

Almond oil for skin

Sometimes stretch marks appear even when you take care of your weight and your skin, for various reasons. In that case, you can make use of any of the following remedies for stretch marks. Natural and home remedies that will surprise you, be constant and soon you will notice the difference.

  1. Sweet almond oil. A natural product with regenerating properties and vitamin E that moisturizes the skin in depth.
  2. Aloe vera. Perfect for treating red stretch marks and preventing them from turning whitish. Apply the aloe vera pulp directly on the stretch marks, twice a day until you see improvement.
  3. Lemon juice. Rich in vitamin C, antioxidant and whitening effect. Squeeze a lemon, soak cotton pads and apply on stretch marks. Leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.
  4. Horsetail. In addition to being very beneficial from the inside, horsetail applied directly to the skin improves the appearance of stretch marks. This is because it renews the skin cells and regenerates it. Prepare an infusion with two bags and apply the liquid on the skin, massaging in a circular motion until absorbed.
  5. The potato. Raw potato juice is highly beneficial for treating stretch marks. This is because it is a substance that helps regenerate skin cells. You just have to cut a slice of raw potato and apply its juice on the stretch marks. Leave about 15 minutes and when the potato juice is dry, remove with warm water.

These remedies for stretch marks are surprisingly effective, but to see the results, it is very important that you are constant. If you also exercise regularly and follow a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and natural foods, your skin will improve from the inside.

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