5 books on feminism published in the last year

Books on feminism published in the last year

Every month in Bezzia we collect some literary news so that all of you can find the one that makes you enjoy the pleasure of reading. Because for those of us who always have a book in hand, reading is a pleasure, even when reading is uncomfortable. Because although uncomfortable there are works that are necessary and voices that are interesting to hear. And we have no doubt that these five books on feminism will belong to that group.

Feminism. Brief introduction to a political ideology

  • Authors: Jane Mansbridge and Susan M. Okin
  • Publisher: Indómita Page

In this volume, two of the most prominent feminism scholars summarize the works that both have published on the matter and review the contributions of various feminist thinkers and currents. Guided by a moderation and a value neutrality that are extremely necessary today in this field and in many others, the authors show us the common points and dividing lines of the different feminisms and shed light on a political ideology that has taken on an enormous role. in the public sphere.

Vibrant feminism

  • Author: Ana Requena
  • Publisher: Roca

The last few years have been those of the breaking of silence: around the world thousands of women have shared their experiences of violence and sexual harassment. But that speech, necessary, must be accompanied by another: that of women's pleasure. Faced with sexual terror, feminism puts desire on the table, sexual autonomy, the right of women to be subjects of sex and pleasure and not just objects. The road is not easy: sexuality has been one of the weapons of patriarchy to discipline women.

For this reason, now more than ever, we need to consolidate a feminist story that allows us to combat the stereotypes that still weigh us down, rebuild desire and the way we relate, and conquer the right to pleasure. Maybe that's why a sex toy like the Satisfyer is causing a sensation and helping women break the taboo on masturbation. But we must also talk about the other side: on many occasions when women exercise their right to desire they encounter male hostility. Ghosting, contempt, unjustified waiting, revenge, dissatisfaction or sex without an iota of care are some of the reactions we find. What has changed then? And what can we do?

Books on feminism

Islamic feminisms

  • Authors: Asma Lamrabet, Sirin Adlbi Sibai, Sara Salem, Zahra Ali, Mayra Soledad Valcárcel and Vanessa Alejandra Rivera de la Fuente
  • Publisher: Bellaterra

Islamic feminism is a regeneration movement, spiritual and political, which is born from a return to the sources of Islam, in the construction of today's plural societies. Unlike what the West and its powers, in its expansive, colonial and imperialist mania have wanted to show, Islam recognizes gender equality. Islamic feminism is based on the interpretation of the Koran, highlighting the social and political origin of discrimination against women, based on the patriarchal interpretation of the holy book of Islam.

In this sense, it is a movement that vindicates the role of women, based on the principle of parity with respect to men, present in their true religious tradition. Their argument is that Islam has been interpreted over the centuries in a patriarchal and misogynistic way, thus distorting its spiritual message. This manipulation seeks to deepen the differences, in addition to keeping the woman out of a equal participation in all areas of Muslim society.

Fighting women meet

  • Author: Catalina Ruiz-Navarro
  • Publisher: Grijalbo

In this book, Catalina Ruiz-Navarro, one of the most prominent voices of this movement in Latin America, travels, from a deeply honest and acute testimony, a path that addresses the body, power, violence, sex, activist struggle and love. In turn, eleven heroines, including María Cano, Flora Tristán, Hermila Galindo and Violeta Parra, beautifully portrayed by Luisa Castellanos, raise their voices and show that talking about feminisms is necessary, it is important, it is resistance.

This manual of Latin American pop feminism is a reading that moves, that bothers, that questions; is the definitive guide for anyone who wants to talk about what it means to be a woman in the world.

View as a feminist

  • Author: Nivedita menon
  • Publisher: Consonni

Incisive, eclectic, and politically engaged, Seeing as a Feminist is a bold and wide-ranging book. For writer Nivedita Menon, feminism is not about a final triumph over patriarchy, but about a gradual transformation of the social sphere decisive for old structures and ideas to change forever.

This book vindicates the world through a feminist lens, between the concrete experience of domination over women in India and the great challenges of global feminism. From accusations of sexual harassment against internationally famous figures to the challenge that caste politics poses for feminism, from the ban on the veil in France to the attempt to impose the skirt on female players as mandatory clothing in international badminton competitions , from queer politics to domestic workers unions to the Pink Chaddi campaign, Menon it deftly shows the ways in which feminism definitively complicates and alters all fields of contemporary society.

Have you read any of them? I enjoyed Islamic Feminisms months ago and I have another of the books on feminism on this list in my hands. Because it is always interesting to meet voices from different parts of the world and from cultures so different from ours.

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