5 Accessories for plant lovers

Benefits of having plants at home

During the pandemic, many of you were encouraged to cultivate inside plants or to be interested in those that you already had. That's why I think that today there are more plant lovers, those of us who are always thinking about adding a new one to our collection. Are you still getting started in it? Then you are probably interested in knowing 5 accessories for plant lovers that will help you take care of your indoor plants.

This is the time to color windows and balconies, take cuttings from the mother plants and groom them a little. And for this there are tools that are of great help and that every plant lover should have. Tools that In addition to being functional, they can be beautiful.

Gardening kit

You can buy the basic tools for your garden separately, but how practical are these? Kits containing everything you need for gardening work: trowel, pruning shears, garden fork, hand rake, weeding fork, gardening gloves, storage bag and gardening thread, among others.

Gardening Kit for Plant Lovers

tools that In addition to being practical, they are beautiful and that any plant lover would like to receive as a gift. The kit pictured with 16 pieces is a great example and is not expensive; can buy it on Amazon for €37,99.

Self-watering pots

Irrigated pots make taking care of our plants easier. And its integrated self-watering system helps our plants continue to develop properly. when we can't water them with the regularity they require.

Self-watering pots

Generally made of polypropylene plastic, they have a water tank is separated from the ground of the plant from which the soil will absorb water when it needs it through a cotton rope or other systems. This way the soil will remain at constant humidity for days or weeks, depending on the needs of each plant.

Self-watering pots too They prevent us from wetting the leaves when watering the plant.. And the thing is, indoor plants generally don't like it when we do it, and watering some large, leafy specimens without doing it can be complicated. Do you like the ones in the image? They belong to Diivoo catalog.

Plant supports

Do you want to create a green corner in your home? Give each of your plants prominence? Can you work comfortably with them and not have them bother you when cleaning? Plant supports are a great tool for this, as they allow you elevate them and give each one its place.

Shelves for plants with different levels

There are shelves for plants of all kinds currently on the market that can accommodate up to 5 pots to achieve that green corner you long for. We talked about them already in Bezzia and we proposed to you some designs, you remember? Among the accessories for plant lovers, this is the most personal.

Moisture meter for plants

If there is a tool that has been especially useful for me to understand my plants and know what they need, it is the No products found.. And it If you doubt whether you should water a plant or not, you will just have to ask this device to know the answer.

Moisture meter for plant lovers

Simply insert the moisture meter into the soil and it will tell you if it is dry, wet or very wet. This way if it is dry you will know that you have to water it so that your plant continues to grow. And touching the surface of the earth is not a good meter. One of the essential accessories for plant lovers.


Another simple tool that you can use for various purposes is a sprayer. In winter, due to the effect of heating, some plants become very dry and require that we provide them with a certain amount of environmental humidity so that their leaves do not dry out. In addition to placing a plate of stones and water under them, spraying them with water once a day can make a difference.

Plant sprayer

In addition, you can also use the sprayer to apply some products that prevent or eliminate different pests. Any spray bottle you have at home can be used for this purpose. However, it may be more convenient to purchase a electric sprayer for plants that make work easier. They do not require continuous pumping of water, something that can be burdensome if you have many plants. Just press a button and it will spray water, saving you time and energy.

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